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Beijing police cracked the first case of "sweeping two-dimensional code" new network ticket fraud – Legal Network Beijing on October 23rd news reporter Huang Jie Beijing Daxing District Public Security Bureau yesterday informed the foreign, recently caused widespread concern, illegal parking to sweep the two-dimensional code to pay a fine "incident, the police have successfully cracked the case. Yang suspects on suspicion of forgery of official documents official seal has been under criminal detention by the police according to law, the case is still under investigation. In October 10th this year, a "pay parking fines to sweep the two-dimensional code" message detonated circle of friends, the Daxing police in "safe Beijing" micro-blog bulletin, first carried out the rumor, to remind the general public to sweep the two-dimensional code to pay a fine is a scam, do not scan code to pay a ticket, to conduct a comprehensive verification of this message at the same time. Due to a short period of time the information focus is extremely high, and the original Bo people take the initiative to delete the information, the police can find the insider, also did not receive any victim. In the media under the help of the Daxing police only twists and turns to find a friend Zhang Li (a pseudonym) to understand the situation. According to this netizen said, October 9th at 11 pm, she found that she was stopped at the roadside near the Daxing District Century Lianhua mall Qingcheng car was posted "sweep the two-dimensional code to pay a fine ticket. Ms. Zhang with a mobile phone to scan the two-dimensional code on the ticket, the emergence of the Beijing Daxing District traffic detachment transfer 200 yuan interface, due to insufficient funds in the account, Ms. Zhang did not transfer success. After a friend reminded suspicion of fraud, only to take pictures of micro-blog. Understanding the situation, Daxing police in conjunction with the relevant departments of the Municipal Public Security Bureau set up a task force to investigate the matter. By scanning the two-dimensional code, the police found the ticket, leaving the two-dimensional code for personal transfer WeChat two-dimensional code, the Tencent Inc’s security team to help WeChat positioning that suspects WeChat often landed in the vicinity of Daxing District haizijiao Pingfang district. Subsequently, after a few days to visit Mopai, police gradually locked a number of suspects with the crime of tenants. The evening of October 18th, when the police of the several users in Yang rental visits Mopai, found that Yang eyes escape, hesitated to speak, and the mobile phone are landing on the police micro signal has been locked. Yang admitted on the spot to create and post the fact that the two-dimensional code to sweep tickets fraud. Police immediately Yang rental seized desktop machine, did not fill in a ticket electronic version and the electronic version of the date of forged Daxing Branch of Beijing Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment seal were found on the desktop in. According to Yang confessed that he was in line to see the Guangdong Huizhou police released by micro-blog "sweep the two-dimensional code to pay a fine way of fraud tips that can benefit in this way, then the price of 100 yuan to let a netizen fake ticket, leaving WeChat transfer two dimensional code of their own, their own print posted in Daxing the street, did not think I haven’t received any transfer was arrested.相关的主题文章: