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Beijing tobacco control volunteers to discourage smokers break finger original title: to discourage smoking volunteers interrupted finger Legal Evening News (reporter Li Jie) tobacco control volunteers to discourage smoking, but smoking interrupted angry fingers. On Wednesday, two volunteers were injured by smokers when they tried to discourage illegal smoking in the wealth center. One of the volunteers was beaten to the right little finger fracture. Beijing Tobacco Control Association strongly condemns this morning, and calls on the batterer as soon as possible. This morning, law late reporter (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) from the Beijing Tobacco Control Association, this Wednesday, Mr. Li and other volunteer volunteers in the center of wealth from indoor smoking behavior, being angry smoker beat, then fled the batterer. Subsequently, two volunteers went to Chaoyang Hospital, the hospital issued a certificate of diagnosis to write Mr. Li’s right hand little finger fracture. At present, the batterer has not been caught. When the police to the batterer company investigation, the company provides the ID card information of the batterer, the results found that the identity card is not real ID batterer. At present, the batterer company has made compensation for tobacco control. The Beijing Tobacco Control Association today expressed condolences to the injured volunteers, and the municipal health inspection agency said it insisted on supporting tobacco control volunteers to crack down on illegal smoking practices. Since the implementation of the most stringent tobacco control order in Beijing in June 1, 2016, discouraging smoking has become a normal work in Beijing. To this end, the city started "every Wednesday, tobacco control" action, namely: each volunteer on Wednesday to discourage 3 smoking behavior, issued 3 publicity products, patrol 3 public places. It is understood that since the implementation of the tobacco control order, the office of tobacco control has been a key and difficult point. Especially after the winter cold, with people increased significantly during cooling, indoor activity time, some smokers also fought indoors, corridor and toilet has become the hardest hit their smoking "". To this end, the Beijing Tobacco Control Association launched a special action for bars, Internet cafes, catering, entertainment industry. Editor in chief: Zhao Jiaming SN146

北京控烟志愿者劝阻吸烟者被打断手指   原标题:劝阻吸烟 志愿者被打断手指   法制晚报讯(记者 李洁)控烟志愿者劝阻吸烟,却被恼羞成怒的吸烟人打断手指。本周三,两名志愿者在财富中心劝阻违法吸烟行为时,被吸烟者打伤,其中一名志愿者被打成右手小指骨折。北京控烟协会上午对此进行强烈谴责,并呼吁尽快将打人者绳之于法。   今天上午法晚记者(微信ID:fzwb_52165216)从北京控烟协会了解到,本周三,志愿者李先生和另外一名志愿者在财富中心劝阻室内吸烟行为时,被恼羞成怒的吸烟者动手打伤,打人者随即逃跑。随后两位志愿者到朝阳医院就诊,医院出具的诊断证明书写明李先生的右手小指骨折。   目前,打人者尚未被抓到。警方到打人者所在公司进行调查时,公司提供了打人者的身份证信息,结果发现打人者的身份证不是真实证件。目前,打人者所在公司已经对控烟者进行了赔偿。北京控烟协会今天慰问了受伤的志愿者;市卫生监督所表示,坚持支持控烟志愿者,对违法吸烟行为要予以严厉打击。   自从2016年6月1日北京实施史上最严的控烟令以来,劝阻吸烟已经成为北京市一项常态工作。为此,本市启动“每周三、来控烟”行动,即:每个志愿者在周三要劝阻3次吸烟行为,发放3个宣传品,巡查3个公共场所。   据了解,控烟令实施以来,写字楼的控烟工作一直是一个重点和难点。特别是入冬之后,随着天冷降温,人们在室内活动时间明显增加,一些烟民也“转战”室内,楼道和卫生间成了他们吸烟的“重灾区”。为此,北京控烟协会推出了针对酒吧、网吧、餐饮、娱乐行业启动了专项行动。 责任编辑:赵家明 SN146相关的主题文章: