Beiqi magic speed H6 top official map published in November listed (video)

Beiqi magic speed H6 top official map published in November listed on us from Beiqi magic speed official was informed that a group of Beiqi magic speed H6 top model’s figure, the new car will be officially listed in November, the estimated price range of 5.98-7.58 million. It is reported that magic speed H6 top models for the standard, low top models are optional, the price difference we will further understand the specific. Beiqi magic speed S3L 2016 1.5L manual exclusive type appearance, magic speed H6 design style continues the Beiqi magic speed family type, V type grille chrome trim collocation in large area, in addition it is also equipped with daytime running lights. High top version of the car body size is 4925× 1834× 2115mm (low top 1980mm), the wheelbase is 3080mm, so from the side to look more and more. Magic speed H6 provides 2 seats, 5 seats, such as a variety of seat layout 6. The interior design with concise and easy, not too fancy, the console on the silver trim enhance the vehicle’s texture, and imitation wood trim further increased in vehicle’s sense of stable, consistent with its commercial positioning deviation. The configuration, the models equipped with dual front airbags, electronic anti-theft engine, standard after reversing radar. Power, the car has 1.5L and 1.8L two different displacement engine optional, maximum power of 113 horsepower and 140 horsepower, peak torque of 150 cattle and 180 cattle meters · · m, and with variable valve timing system and multi-point EFI technology to enhance fuel economy. The transmission system is matched with 5 block manual gearbox.相关的主题文章: