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UnCategorized If you’re a little guy, like I was only 6 months ago(132lbs) it’s probably because you eat like one! A good bodybuilding diet is all you need, and maybe some extra ‘you know what’ downstairs! The majority of small guys out there are small people they eat small, not because they don’t train hard enough, but because they don’t eat like how real men do. I know I didn’t until I learnt how much I really needed to eat in order to gain some muscle mass. Breakfast I don’t care what anyone says, breakfast is the MOST IMPORTANT meal of the day. I know a lot of little guys out there that don’t even eat breakfast! They go 3 hours without a meal from when they wake up, which is absolutely crazy! You’re teaching your body that it doesn’t need to eat and as a result it can stay small because it has no muscle to feed! For breakfast 6 months ago I remember that all I ate was a small bowl of cereal. Now I eat a large bowl of cereal plus 4 eggs and two pieces of toast, as well as a protein shake and guess what? That’s not even much. I’m sure there’s someone reading this that eats way more than that and I plan to start eating more too. Increasing the amount of food in a day, .bined with a heavy weight training regime is the only way to push through a plateau. So with that, make sure you always take time to eat a massive breakfast(you should be nauseous afterward). Other Meals During The Day Now I know you’ve definitely heard this one, but in order to put on any significant weight, you should be eating at least 6 solid meals a day. If you’re not and you can’t imagine eating that many times during the day, then let me break it down for you: – Breakfast(make sure it’s a big one!) – Prelunch(as I like to call it) – Lunch – Post lunch(pre workout) – Post workout – Dinner There’s 6 manageable meals and if you think you can’t handle that, then you don’t really deserve to be big, sorry if that sounded a little harsh but it needed to be said! I eat 7 meals a day at the moment, one more after dinner, which you should seriously consider once you have gotten over the initial plateau and you’ve stopped gaining again. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: