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Both sides of the needle to join the "Amazing Race" brand new open   young pace — entertainment channel — original title: both sides of the needle to open the "Amazing Race" brand new young pace recently, a full of the spirit of the Olympic Games the global competitive reality show "the amazing race" in Shenzhen satellite tv. Traditional Chinese medicine toothpaste leading brand nitidine, as its designated partner in the oral care industry, once again with a new attitude into the public view. It is reported that the joining speed forward 3 is an important part of the brand strategy upgrade nitidine. Nitidine said that this is the first time the two sides involved in the cooperation with the variety show, I believe it is a big opportunity for two needles. On the one hand, before the two season of "Amazing Race" both have good performance in reputation or ratings, the Liangmianzhen wants to use this file a hit show highlighting the national brand new vitality; on the other hand, Liangmianzhen spirit and the meaning of this program does not coincide. The all star sports show is not only the courage and wisdom of the contest, is the team with the tacit understanding and test, while the third quarter into the spirit of the Olympic Games, as a veteran of the national enterprises, both sides of the needle has a deep sense of national pride and sense of honor, hope to promote the spirit of China’s Olympic Games and the continuation of life and growth in nature. In addition to marriage and hit variety, nitidine also has a major breakthrough in the cooperation of the hottest IP. The day before, and on both sides of the needle has been one of the most powerful and development potential of the pan entertainment and cultural industry group — Austrian flying entertainment cooperation, the cooperation will be on both sides of the needle of children’s oral care products — the "Royal baby" and "love teeth" to the "super flying man" as the theme the new upgrade package. About the high-profile cooperation, nitidine sales director Wang Dishi said, "the domestic animation market IP just unfolding two needles in children’s products, as a pilot, first open the IP animation cooperation door, on both sides of the needle with excellent domestic brands together, create a new era of national brand". In the future, the two sides will also be more and more two dimensional animation IP to work together to expand the advantages of both sides to achieve win-win development. Popular arts and animation IP brings huge volume and visibility on both sides of the needle, is a rare market opportunity, but also need to seriously challenge. In conjunction with a large number of integrated marketing on the basis of the visibility brought about by the promotion of the first will be converted into sales, the construction of the terminal channel is very important to the consumer brand image. So since 2015, the two sides to speed up the layout of the channel layout, enhance channel influence and competitiveness, continue to expand the network coverage, only in the first half of 2016, the new terminal outlets 5247, outlets new rate of 33%. As for the product channel layout, nitidine also said that the company has been actively expanding and sinking in recent years. At present, the domestic chain supermarket and "Wanning" and other bulk purchase channels have distribution, Tmall, Jingdong, micro mall and other online channels are completed, is now actively sinking to the three or four line of the city. Double needle to keep up with the times, the courage to stand out from the traditional business model, let us相关的主题文章: