Bulletproof youth team won the Japanese public credit standings album Zhou Guanjun-sorpack

The general trend of youth league wins plates Oricon album bulletproof Youth Week champion Sina entertainment news South Korean idol group won the Zhou Guanjun youth plates in the newly released Oricon Oricon, became the first ever won the championship week overseas artist Hiphop. In the latest release of the Oricon, second Japanese album "YOUTH" in the juvenile group of plates 76 thousand and 483 sales in the first week sales week won the championship standings, while in the youth from the plates before, no overseas artists gain Hiphop Oricon weekly sales champion. Bulletproof cadet in June last year to fourth single "FOR YOU" became the first week won the singles championship overseas artists Hiphop Oricon history, they won the album week sales charts in Japan, the local fans caused a big topic. The plates youth activities in Japan, the plan will soon take the second album "WING" in South Korea comeback. Lu Dong Yin text copyright Mydaily (reprinted ban: commissioning editor Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章: