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Bury the hatchet? U.S. media: Obama called for "to give Trump a chance" – Sohu news [global network reporter reports Chashi] President Obama on November 14th, to encourage Americans to President elect Trump some time to get used to assume the role of the president. According to the CNN (CNN) reported on November 15th, Obama in the "shocking" in the wake of the election, warned in his first press conference, some expect Trump will shake in the employment problem under the weight of. And trump will last week, Obama was convinced that his "successor" and "long-term political opponents will do a" because "for the American presidential service. At the same time, he called on Trump to pay more attention to those who are worried about the election, including women and minorities. Obama said: "I do not think he is an idealist, he is a pragmatist, as long as he is’ Pro Pro far villain ‘, a good sense of direction can serve the people of the United states." But Obama said, "do I have any concerns? Of course, he and I differ in many problems. I think it’s very important for him to make his own decisions, and the American people will judge whether it’s what they want in the next few years." Reported that Obama also said on the 14 day, the United States will remain in the world "indispensable" important status, Trump also said that NATO will do. Obama said: "in maintaining a strong NATO relations, our confidence will not be weakened."相关的主题文章: