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"Bus driver" who opened the hotel WeChat 10 thousand yuan cheated girlfriend Beijing – man WeChat "love friends", is a false "bus driver", in the home also opened a hotel, the use of WeChat fraud girlfriend 10 thousand yuan. Suspicion of fraud, Wang was the prosecution of public prosecution, the case in September 19th, Panlong District People’s court held a public hearing. Last May, Ms Wang met a man named "Wang Tao" by WeChat, the two often WeChat chat, "Wang Tao" said that he is a bus driver, a stable income, in the home also runs a hotel, is about two people enjoyed quickly identified the "love" relationship. In June last year, Wang Tao told Ms. Wang, the hotel needs to operate their own cash flow, Ms. Wang to borrow 10 thousand yuan. Considering the "boyfriend" have fixed job, a stable income, Ms. Wang through the bank transfer way to "Wang Tao" 10 thousand yuan, "Wang Tao" is an IOU for Ms. Wang, agreed to pay the loan within a month, signed "Wang Tao". Soon after, the boyfriend and about Wang met, this time, he said his cell phone is broken, Ms. Wang borrowed 3800 yuan to buy a cell phone. Last September, Ms. Wang could not contact "boyfriend", WeChat is to pull the other black, her behavior aroused the vigilance of Ms. Wang, Ms. Wang realized that he might be cheated, immediately reported the matter. In March 25th this year, Wang was arrested by the public security organs in Kunming. Yesterday, Panlong District People’s court held a public hearing of the case. On the court, the prosecutor believes that Wang and Ms. Wang agreed repayment date did not repay the loan, after the victim and break contact, and his fiction is the bus driver that belong to fraud, violated the criminal law, should be held criminally responsible for fraud, suggested sentenced Wang to 6 months in prison and fine. For the prosecution allegations of criminal facts and charges, Wang did not dispute. On the court, he admitted that "Wang Tao" is a pseudonym, using the pseudonym to avoid Ms. Wang and the public security organs to find, and he is not a bus driver. Wang said that the money owed to Ms. Wang is willing to repay as soon as possible. City Times reporter Lin Shujia Intern Yang Xumei相关的主题文章: