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-Click anywhere on the song column on the left side and as you type letters, the song list will change as you are typing to reflect songs matching the letters Finding An Album Quickly On The Music Browse Screen -The tip for finding a song quickly works similarly. Just click on the album column and start typing How To Check Album Art -Album art is not displayed on the playlist screen by Zune software. If you want to check over your art for the songs in a playlist, switch to the NOW PLAYING screen while playing tracks. Then highlight the right arrow (in the controls) and press ENTER to cycle through all the tracks and art in the playlist Customizing Columns in "List" View -If you right click the column header whilst in the list view, you can add extra ones or remove existing ones as you wish Turning Off Zune Before Sleep Mode Kicks In -To save some battery life, press and hold down on the Zune pad and press and hold the Back button Resetting The Zune -To reset, simply press and hold "UP" on the Zune pad whilst you press and hold down the back button. To Go Back To Main Menu -Press and hold the Back button Rebooting -Useful to try when troubleshooting. Press and hold the Back button whilst pressing Up on the Zune pad Reformatting The Player’s Drive -Do NOT attempt this unless you want to delete all files on the device. In reality, you should never need to do this as it will reset it to the factory settings. First reset the Zune, as shown in one of the tips above. When it begins to reset, hold down the Back, Center and Play buttons at the same time Keeping Your Custom Art -The Zune software will override your custom art with default settings unless you take the following action. Upon installation, a screen pops up asking if you want to choose the default settings or customize. Choose "CUSTOMIZE". You will then get a screen saying "Monitored Folders". Scroll until you see "OPTIONS" and then un-check the box saying "Automatically Update Album Art". This will ensure that any changes are instigated by you WHERE TO BUY ZUNE MOVIES A quick search on the internet reveals many sites where you can buy Zune movies for an economical price. Some sites offer a "per download" service whereas at others, you pay a one off fee for "unlimited downloads". The unlimited download option is by far the most popular as there are no limits whatsoever to the quantity of files you can download-and all for the very economical one-off fee. From the multitude of sites offering downloads, there are two which stand out from the rest for their excellent customer service records, great prices and amazing cast-iron money back guarantees. Both have very similar benefits but each is chosen for one feature which make it stand out from the best of the rest. About the Author: One of the sites has the best tuition resources available anywhere. Not only does it offer fantastic online guides which are sufficient for the vast majority of people to understand, it also has clear, hold-your-hand video tutorials which make downloading so simple, even for the novice downloader. The other site is said to be the largest downloading resource available anywhere. Indeed, PC Guide said it is "The Best Resource Available Today" If you are looking to buy Zune movies, you will not be disappointed with either site. For details of both sites-just click here Article Published On: – Personal-Tech 相关的主题文章: