California police officers were shot dead 2 suspects in the gang

California police shot 2 dead suspect gang members of the original title: California police shot: suspect gang members suspected of having mental illness local time on October 8th, the United States of California Palm Springs 2 police are dealing with family dispute cases were shot dead and 1 policemen were injured in the incident. Beijing, October 10, according to foreign media reports, local time, 8 pm, in the United States, California, Palm Springs police were shot in the implementation of official duties, the death of 2 people, injured in 1. The suspect in the shooting was arrested at 9 local time. Police confirmed that he is a 36 year old John Felix (John Felix)?. It is reported that the man was a gang member, and his father said he suffered from mental illness. 8 pm local time, about 1 points, 63 year old California Palm Springs police (Jose Gilbert Vega) Vega and 27 year old Zere Bunji (Lesley Zerebny) police and another police officers, rushed to a local residential family disputes. At the door, a man inside the house to house, and suddenly the door to the police opened fire, Vega and Zere Bunji shot and killed on the spot, the other officers were injured. Police then sent police and robot reinforcements, near the street after blockade of the villain, and in the local time on the morning of 9 suspects arrested felix. According to reports, Felix’s neighbors said that before the incident Felix’s father had come to him for help, saying the mentally ill son threatened to kill police. Neighbors to help the police for help, his father returned to the house, soon heard gunshots. The shooting took place about 100 miles east of Losangeles, about 45 thousand residents of Palm Springs. Recently, the United States police shootings occurred in succession, in July 17th, the United States, Luis Anna, Baton Rouge shootings, resulting in 3 police officers were killed and another 3 police officers were injured. White against the police and took place in July at the beginning of the shot and killed blacks during the demonstration, Texas police came under sniper attacks, 5 Dallas police officers killed, in addition to the 6 police officers were injured in the gun. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: