Cat 2010 Methods To Analyze Mock

College-University After the basic preparation, taking mock tests become one of the important means of preparation for CAT exam . Now that it’s about 65 days left for CAT 2010 , you must have taken a couple of mock tests by now. But apart from taking mock tests, the right analysis is also necessary. In this article of, the experts will discuss the methods of mock test analysis. Note down the difficulties While taking the test, take a note of the questions which took most of your time. Also keep a note of the order of attempting the questions. "Note down the questions that took most of your test time and see whether you got them right. After the test, take a note of your attempt pattern, that is, which question did you choose first, what followed it and so on," says Atul Prashar, Product Head, According to Prashar, your performance depends a lot on the order of attempt of the questions or sections. So while you analyze your mock tests, keep this in mind and also from the next mock test onwards, keep the right order in mind. "Keeping a note of this for each test will help you optimize your attempt in the next mock test," he said. Follow the 80-20 rule For the right method of analysis, Prashar suggests the 80-20 rule. "80 per cent of your problems are caused by 20 per cent of ‘wrongly selected questions’ or ‘wrongly selected section first’. Just try to analyze and know ‘what falls in YOUR 20 per cent’ and do not waste time on those," he says. Check your accuracy If you have got an answer wrong to a question wrong, check the level of your accuracy. You should understand whether the mistake happened due to lack of conceptual clarity or was an error due to inaccuracy. "You should check the section to check your accuracy level, and see which question you should have got correct. Also, which are the easy questions that you missed out on?" asks Aziz Manva, Content Head, If you find this as the cause of the low percentile in mock tests, you should go back to the basics and get more practice. "If required, go back, and brush up on some of the concepts," says Manva. Check sectional percentiles Analyze the performance of the different sections. In this way you can find out the weakest section and prepare accordingly. "Work on improving the weakest so that you can clear the sectional cut-offs. Check whether you need more practice, or you need to brush up on the concepts. You also need to look at your attempts, accuracy rate, and whether you are attempting the right kind of questions," Manva mentions. To read more on the analysis of mock tests, click on the following link: Stay tuned to for more on CAT 2010 preparation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: