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Xu Xiaoping: the masses — the Travel Channel original title to the development of the global tourism benefit: Xu Xiaoping: with the development of the global tourism for the benefit of the masses of Xu Xiaoping in September 9th, in the 2016 Sino US high-level dialogue in tourism, Ningxia Tourism Development Committee Director Xu Xiaoping accepted an interview with reporters. Xu Xiaoping said that in the global tourism development in Ningxia has been left behind by their own cultural and historical aspects of global tourism development advantages, Ningxia has started a new practice. In recent years, according to the Ningxia tourism development strategy, especially in the development of the global tourism has made a lot of work, since last year, the regional party committee and government put forward the strategy of the development of global tourism. In particular, the "panorama, the whole industry, all the time, the people of the" four full model." "China Tourism high-level dialogue held in Ningxia, in fact is to work for a global tour of Ningxia recognized. We hope to hold the high-level dialogue as an opportunity to promote Ningxia as a "global tourism demonstration provinces", let Ningxia global tourism development to embark on a new level." Xu Xiaoping said. In recent years, Ningxia relying on the rich cultural tourism resources, increasing investment, improving infrastructure, optimize the development environment, improve the service level, the tourism industry for 12 consecutive years to maintain two digit growth, the new dynamic and powerful lever to promote economic growth become the region expanding domestic demand, enhance the consumption, comprehensive contribution to economy the society continues to highlight. At the same time, how to improve public services, benefiting the masses become one of important factors in the development of the global tourism in Ningxia. "We are the ultimate goal of the development of the global tourism and the objective is to benefit the people, is to let people truly benefit." Xu Xiaoping told reporters that this year, Ningxia tourism Huimin put forward a lot of preferential policies and measures, the people of Ningxia, in the region’s scenic spots enjoy half off tickets discount. Now we are ready to launch the Ningxia tourism card, spends 200 to 300 yuan can enjoy preferential policies in the area of my ticket, really to the benefit of the masses through the development of the global tourism." (Qin Jing, commissioning editor: happy)相关的主题文章:

Ministry of transport accelerate the promotion of etc to explore the extensive application in the fi-yyets.com

Department of transportation: to speed up the promotion ETC extensive exploration Beijing Beijing in September 28, the 28 day traffic ministry held a press conference in the field of application of city parking, traffic department spokesman Xu Chengguang said, the next step to accelerate the popularization and application of the Ministry of transportation ETC, ETC continue to strengthen system security and promote the localization of key ETC upgrade and explore the wide application of ETC system in highway service area, city parking and other traffic field, for ETC users to provide more convenience. The implementation of a national network of about ETC years of achievements, Xu Chengguang said, China’s ETC network system is the intelligent highway toll system is currently the world’s longest, most sites and customer size and trade growth most rapidly. Over the past year, it has achieved obvious economic and social benefits. The next step will be to speed up the promotion and application of ETC from three aspects: first, continue to increase the intensity of user development. Further improve the social awareness of ETC, build a standardized and convenient ETC customer service system, and constantly improve the quality of customer service, and promote the standardization of ETC services, convenient, market-oriented. Two is to strengthen the security of ETC system. To promote the localization of key ETC upgrade, continuously improving the performance of the ETC system, the smooth transition of good old card users, improve ETC Lane pass rate, to ensure national ETC network system is safe, stable and efficient operation. Three is to accelerate the development and popularization of ETC application. For example, the operating vehicle to promote the use of non cash payment, the specific operation to solve truck toll roads to offset problems; combined with the integration of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region to transport, postal vehicles for the pilot, explore the standard van ETC traffic lanes; explore the implementation of ETC system is widely used in highway service area, city parking and other traffic field, for ETC users to provide more convenience.相关的主题文章:

Acer released spin series windows 10 Notebook New – Sohu digital-ca1810

Acer released the Spin series Windows 10 laptop new – Acer digital Sohu (Acer) in IFA  2016 released a variety of Spin series Windows  10 notebook products, from high-end texture streamline shape Spin  7 or more portable Spin  1, provide a wealth of choice for consumers. The word "Spin" means that they can be in the notebook and tablet mode seamless conversion, including Spin  7 equipped with the new seventh generation Intel Core i7 processor Kaby  Lake, 8GB  DDR4 memory +256GB  SSD, 14 inch Full HD 10 point touch screen, to cover fourth generation gorilla glass. Spin  7 in the new product of the, the Spin  is the highest quality, and it uses a metal body with a thickness of only 10.98 mm (). Spin  5 Spin  5 is equipped with Intel core i5 processor (or core I3 version), 13.3 inch Full HD 10 point touch screen, the highest 16GB  DDR4 memory; +512GB  SSD. Spin  3 Spin  3 optional i5, I3 Core i7, and Pentium processor, 10 full HD or HD touch screen (screen 15.6 inches), support 12GB memory, 256GB  and SSD; 1TB  HDD. Spin  1 finally is Spin  1, the machine is equipped with Intel Celeron (rather than people ridicule the core I1 processor, 8GB ); DDR3L 64GB  eMMC  ROM+1TB  memory; HDD hybrid storage, optional 11.6 inch Full HD or HD touch screen.相关的主题文章:

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