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The king of the 100 meters in winter is blocked because of injury Gaye abandon bobsled [Abstract] 34 year old American sprinter Tyson Gaye attend the sled championship, trying to join the sled team has become the focus of media coverage, but the veteran "change" is not smooth. It is reported that he was sorry to give up the game because of injury, missed the race to compete for the New World Cup in the new season. [4×] man Award; 100 relay awards Boulter led the team on the podium in September 23rd Tencent sports 34 year old American sprinter Tyson Gaye to participate in the national championship sled sled team to join, has become a hot news media coverage, but the veteran "change" is not smooth. According to the latest report BBC, Gaye regret to give up the game because of injury, missed the race to compete in the 2016-2017 World Cup qualifying. Tyson Guy, as the world champion of the men’s 100 meter sprint, the United States famous sprinter, Gaye in the Olympic Games is always very depressed and the medals missed. Now, Gaye seems to have to wait, he was ready to "change", the medal hopes at the Winter Olympics in. In order to be able to continue their own advantages in the speed of the project, Gaye chose to participate in this week’s national Ski Championships, the impact of the 20162017 World Cup qualifying sled. It also means that he has officially started preparing for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pingchang. Unfortunately, Gaye’s physical condition is not good, and ultimately chose to give up because of injury to the sled championship. This is Gaye’s decision to make a temporary, but also to maximize his protection, he can better focus on learning and watching the game." A spokesman for the u.s.. It is worth mentioning that, together with Gaye in winter sports teammate Ryan Bailey won smoothly luge World Cup qualifying, now his goal is the Winter Olympics in Pingchang in 2018 on behalf of the U.S. team. This tournament, the U.S. national team coach selection of players in the field, the state of the trial team at the beginning of the next month. Gaye and Bailey is not the first athlete to as winter project players. The Belgian sprinter Hanna Marian, has achieved this feat at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. The 2012 London Olympic Games, Gaye in the sprinter war lost to Boulter, Blake and teammate Gatlin, although finally in the relay race took the silver medal, but the warm heart of the Olympic medal only holds for a year, Gaye had tested positive for doping, the silver medal was recalled, occupation career again the Olympic Games zero medals. 2016 Rio Olympic Games, has 34 year old Gaye missed a single game, and in the relay race, because the team fouls, the bronze medal is gone. (winter wheat)相关的主题文章:

U.S. shale gas production in October or eleventh consecutive months of decline-tencent upd

U.S. shale gas production in October or eleventh consecutive months of decline in the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! U.S. Energy Information Administration recently released estimates show that the United States in October shale oil production declined for eleventh consecutive months, while the total natural gas production in October fell for the first time in eighth months. EIA: U.S. shale gas production in October or eleventh consecutive months of decline. EIA mining activities released the same day, the U.S. shale oil production in October will be reduced by 61 thousand barrels to 4 million 410 thousand barrels, the lowest in March 2014. Breakdown data show that in October, Texas EagleFord shale oil production decreased by 46 thousand barrels per day, to nearly 982 thousand barrels, the largest decline in output. North Dakota Buchan (Bakken) is expected to reduce the amount of shale oil production of about 28 thousand barrels to 914 thousand barrels. Although oil prices are less than half of what it was in 2014, it has rebounded from a 13 year low hit earlier this year and recently reached $50 a barrel. This at least slowed down some of the output of the Permian basin. The Permian basin is the largest shale oil basin in the United states. In addition, EIA is expected in October, west of Texas basin Permian daily output increased by 22 thousand barrels, to nearly 2 million barrels, an increase for the second consecutive month. EIA added that U.S. natural gas production in October fell for eighth consecutive months, down to 45 billion 300 million cubic feet day, the lowest in March 2015. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

Number of housing prices to complete the annual performance of the industry said the market is diffi-y580

Housing prices more than the completion of the annual performance industry said the market to cool prices difficult to drop [Abstract] although the eleven holidays, key city unveiled a market regulation policy, but for the leading housing prices, the sales momentum has not slowed down while eleven holidays, have been a focus of the city market regulation policy, but for the leading enterprises, and its sales the momentum has not slowed down. Among these, Evergrande, Vanke in the first 10 months of sales have exceeded 300 billion yuan, also became the first among the 300 billion yuan of housing prices, and followed by the garden also took more than 270 billion yuan in sales exceeded 300 billion yuan, it is only a matter of time during the year. In this regard, insiders said that the transaction data from the point of view, the first 10 months of this year, real estate sales data is optimistic, after the introduction of regulation in October is not bad, and this will affect the adjustment of the housing prices down time and space. Hengda continues to lead the 49 billion yuan in October Vanke sold through three quarter sales downturn, Vanke in October ushered in the outbreak. The Vanke sales amount of 48 billion 990 million yuan, an increase of 93.02% in September, and hit a single month sales record industry; sales area of 3 million 478 thousand square; 10 months of 2016 the company achieved a total sales area of 23 million 399 thousand square meters, sales amounted to 311 billion 890 million yuan. Hengda, in October the amount of sales of about 36 billion 130 million yuan, contract sales area of about 4 million 62 thousand square meters, an increase of 40.1%, respectively, an increase of 23.8%. In the first 10 months of 2016, the total sales amount of Hengda yuan of 316 billion 710 million yuan, the cumulative sales area and sales price of $38 million 640 thousand square meters and 8197 square meters, respectively, an increase of three data of 104.9%, respectively, and 6.4%. Prior to the three quarter, Vanke’s sales were only $20 billion 770 million, $16 billion 210 million, $21 billion 340 million, while Hengda is the 3 consecutive month to break through $40 billion, in one fell swoop over vanke. However, after the announcement of October sales results, the difference in the amount of sales of only 1.5%. In this regard, insiders pointed out that, like Vanke, Hengda this volume of housing prices, actually can adjust each month of sales, general at the end of a part of the performance of interception second years of use, to ensure the enterprise sales growth data consistency. "This year, the two companies are likely to be the first in the industry, in the past, may also not particularly rivalry. But now the two companies in a delicate situation, who is not the reason to see each other to take the industry’s first title". In addition, 10 months before Biguiyuan total sales amount of 271 billion 540 million yuan; sales of construction area of 33 million 170 thousand square meters, the garden of all interests attributable to contract sales amount and sales contracts for the construction area of 207 billion 80 million square meters and 26 million 450 thousand yuan respectively. While acquisitions continued financial record also for the first time among the hundreds of billions of housing prices, sales amount of 108 billion 30 million yuan in the first 10 months, an increase of 91%, the contract sales area of about 5 million 41 thousand square meters, the contract sales price of 21430 yuan per square meter. In fact, compared with the same period last year.相关的主题文章:

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