Be moved! Zhengzhou, a female teacher preparing lessons both children sleeping in the back seat of t-solid converter

Be moved! Zhengzhou, a female teacher preparing lessons both children sleeping in the back seat of the car in the back of the car sleeping. September 26, 2016 is an ordinary Monday, xixilili rain let people feel some coolness. However, starting from noon, on the network a sleeping in the back seat of the child but let many people feel sad and moving, you are moved to this picture? [scene] the car has two sleeping child photos, a car trunk open, there are two. Children, covered with a small quilt, stood beside their shoes. Reporters learned that the photo is Li Jinfeng, Zhengzhou District 27 Huaihe Road Primary School Branch secretary. According to her, today is Monday, taking into account the fear of traffic jam, she has come to school at 7:20 in the morning, when the right channel to see a car parked in the school door, the trunk is open. A closer look, only to find that the two sleeping children. So, she used the phone to freeze this moment. [search] was busy preparing lessons to attend to the child the child in the picture is who? Why do they sleep here? The reporter contacted the mother of Zhu Haimiao, she is Huaihe Road Primary School District 27 one of the first grade teacher and Chinese teacher. It turned out that Zhu Haimiao teacher home from school is far away, usually go to school at 6:40. But because the day is Monday, plus she has to prepare the latest content of the teaching and research group seminars, she started 10 minutes from home. Of course, when you start, you have to bring two children: a 8 year old, a child of the age of, has been in elementary school and kindergarten. Previously, Zhu Haimiao do not have to take advantage of this, because although the lover in the field of work, but sometimes her parents can help. But recently, her parents are not very good, but under, Zhu Haimiao can only let the children get up early, with her departure. When they arrived at school about 7, the two children are still full of meaning. But because of the latest rush to modify the contents of the seminar, she can only put down the back seat of the car, let the two children to make up a sleep. Not afraid of children wake up crying?." Zhu Haimiao told reporters, in the school is very safe. In addition, the location of the car to stop, the doorman can just see, by the way can help take care of it. [sound] teachers also need to understand the identity and perhaps in the eyes of many people, let the children sleep in the car is a very common thing, but in the eyes of Li Jinfeng, the two children really make her sad. "Not long ago online that stood in the hallway of children when this piece of red net, lying in the back seat of the sleeping child can get understanding and recognition of the society?" Li Jinfeng wrote in the circle of friends, this is often caused by hot line teachers, you see only the individual phenomenon of individual teachers, it in his words, why don’t you go to see the teacher’s life deeply respected teacher! They are not gods, they also have a child, they also have a family life. What they need is only an understanding and identity! (reporter Gao Dongli)相关的主题文章:

The apricot forest public test director have a fever smart thermometer testing report of maternal 03-dxperience

The apricot forest public test director: have a fever smart thermometer 03-, a Sohu to apply for participation in the evaluation of maternal and child report ward or clinic, temperature is a relatively frequent operation, heavy workload, children’s body temperature changes rapidly, therefore, especially in pediatrics. But this simple operation regardless of the patient’s home or medical staff is difficult to fully in place. In apricot woods suddenly see the intelligent temperature measurement, very interested, and skeptical, the accident, and pass quickly to send products, through experience, think whether the family or hospital, are suitable for promotion! Two, have a fever director and accessories will be introduced open appearance concise fashion sense, find everything fresh and new, there are accessories: 1.CR2025 battery (a large particle, using dozens of hours now still adequate power); 2 open cell tools (humanized); 3 medical adhesive products (through which the machine attached to the armpit skin); 4 manual (clear); 5 warranty card; 6 certificate; 7 (compact, portable box machine, battery, open tools, medical glue can be put in all, easy to carry) and the 8 children have a fever and Health Handbook, also said some practical knowledge and useful forms (different age standard height, weight, BMI etc.). Three, installation instructions to experience the process of assembling the machine easily according to the mobile phone to download and then have a fever director APP, registered account, open the Bluetooth connection, with the armpit, surgidressing will wear affixed to the armpit, it can be used to measure the body temperature (initial measurement time to be longer). The result can be accurate to decimal place! Output thermometer can be observed at a glance, hot, hot type. To colleagues, friends, we have been attracted to, have expressed interest! Four, the experience of the product testing experience this intelligent thermometer convenient and convenient to measure the body temperature, the night temperature monitoring is very good. Personally feel that the accuracy is high, can be detailed and at a glance to see the children’s body temperature baseline, to solve a lot of difficulties, section of the medical work. For those who can accept things, easy to use, it is worth having! Five, summary 1, went to the frequent human body temperature measurement, medical care. 2, not frightened children, the impact of sleep on children. 3, the thermometer, thermometer discomfort. 4, high and low temperature alarm can know in time, and can realize remote real-time monitoring body temperature change. 5, high accuracy of measurement results. Six, the proposed 1, the body can be a small one, the shell includes a smaller battery, if you can like a coin size should be better. 2, whether there is the development of computer display temperature curve software, set high and low temperature alarm, suitable for installation in the hospital department computer above, to achieve a number of patients at the same time monitoring.相关的主题文章:

The value of control and both Yan Zotye sr7 drive experience-3u8547

The value of control and both Yan Zotye SR7 drive experience in November 22nd, Zotye auto new SR7 drive experience activities held in Baiyun cultural square test base, Guangzhou from more than and 10 mainstream media attended this from local dealers invited customers also to participate in the test drive, in-depth experience of fun and enjoy the new car is equipped with innovative technology. As the Thai S series of the first SUV models, SR7 since exposure will be of concern, the location of the variety, fashion the perfect fit for the young consumer groups taste. It is reported that the car is equipped with the 1.5T turbo engine, 5 speed manual gearbox and CVT stepless gearbox, launched a total of eight models, the price range of 73 thousand and 800 -11.68 million, but it is worth noting that the increase of 1150 yuan in China based on V models. From the point of view of the experience of the scene, the appearance of the Thai SR7 using a young fashion design, simple and smooth vehicle lines. The other simple atmosphere, straight lines collocation of chrome trim, simple design is consistent with the Chinese aesthetic atmosphere, the headlights sharp and full of sense of hierarchy, LED daytime running lights on both sides of the front bumper of the vehicle to look a bit more aggressive. Line from the headlights extended to the tail, simple yet dynamic.   the SR7 is the standard Aluminum Alloy hub, roof rack, LED taillights and outer rear-view mirror steering lamp. Headlamp with manual adjustment and provide delay off function, more humane. In the high allocation model is also equipped with electric folding mirrors, welcome pedal, practical convenience is greatly improved. Body size, the Thai SR7 length and width of 45101835 1610mm, wheelbase 2680mm, car side contour is very full, more spacious space. In 23555, high models equipped with R17 tires, with low models equipped with 21565 R16 tire.   inside the car, will find the Thai SR7 interior quite stunning. The overall layout of the control is more structured, and full of technology. The new standard front center armrest, sun visor mirror, USB interface, the rear seat scale down, the standby power supply in the rear; with models are also equipped with electrically heated leather seats, atmosphere lamp, door warning lamp etc.. Zotye SR7 is equipped with a large wide-angle panoramic sunroof car rare, the size reached alarming 1000mm*830mm, skylights and electric sunshade curtain can greatly open, open and floating way can maximize the head of the rear passenger space. In comfort and convenience, the car line comes standard with a remote control key, four electric windows, driving computer etc.. With models in the configuration is regardless of the cost, not only in Bluetooth, mobile phone and Internet navigation system 12 Inch Touch screen, automatic constant temperature air conditioning, keyless entry, a key to start high-tech configuration, and automatic wipers, automatic headlights, cruise control, tire pressure monitoring and other practical configuration.   security, use of new type high strength bearing cage structure, the whole system comes standard with dual front airbags, ABS+EBD, electronic;相关的主题文章:

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