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Food-and-Drink Heard the words gluten free thrown around in restaurants, schools and mothers groups, and wondering what its all about? Well youre reading the right article. In a society where gluten allergies are prevalent, its essential that everybody understands exactly what it means to have celiac disease – if your child has it you need to identify it early. Here are some .mon questions we often get asked by curious shoppers and people who suspect they may have this allergy disorder. What is it? Celiac disease is an immune disorder that causes the small intestine to react negatively to the ingredient gluten. That means you are essentially allergic to all things that contain gluten – like wheat, barley and rye. Why does it occur? Its actually hereditary, which means if your parents carry the gene, youre at risk of suffering from it yourself. And as it is an immune disorder, the immune system is the one responsible for the symptoms. The immune system sees gluten as something to be fought against like a virus, and attacks the intestine in the process. What are the symptoms? As with all diseases, there are a range of symptoms you can experience, so depending on your situation you may not get all of them. They include stomach pain and cramps, diarrhoea, fatigue, weight loss and gas. Can it be treated? Unfortunately there is no cure, however, the symptoms can be .pletely eliminated if you follow a strict gluten free diet . That means excluding anything with gluten from your meals or drinks, no matter how small the amount may be. Will in negatively impact my life? While some people find it hard to adjust to the strict diet, having celiac disease really wont make a huge impact on your life. As long as you stop consuming gluten, the symptoms will be kept at bay and by learning about all the delicious foods and drinks available without gluten, you can still enjoy your meals! If youd like to learn more about celiac disease, how to identify it and what sort of great foods and recipes are available to you, dont hesitate to contact Celiac Supplies on (07) 3847 7743. Our Brisbane supermarket stocks a massive range of non-gluten foods and drinks, and we also hold fun and informative classes for anyone looking to find out more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: