[cepgl] gold and silver gradually lost its former glory, OPEC still summon wind and call for rain in nrf905

[cepgl] gold and silver gradually lost its former glory, OPEC is still in the oil market fund exposure table: Sina summon wind and call for rain letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: [cepgl] gold and silver gradually lost its former glory, OPEC is still in the oil city of Britain from Europe once summon wind and call for rain deduction but this effect with vigour and vitality, gradually receded, market focus shifted to the monetary policy of the United States, gold and silver are also gradually lost its former glory, fell from more than two-year high. Oil prices fell in August at the beginning of striking one snag after another, below $40, with OPEC expected to reach a frozen fermentation protocol, oil prices are also rising from a low level, the future is still upside risk but limited space. * [way]. The loss of gold and silver in Britain from Europe once interpretation of this effect in the with vigour and vitality, but gradually receded, the market focus shifted to the U.S. monetary policy, gold and silver are also gradually lost its former glory, down from more than two year high, gold rose in the two quarter, the third quarter performance bleak, almost flat Baiyin; slightly better than the performance of the gold price, but compared with the previous two quarters inferior by comparison. As of September 30th, Beijing time 20:30, spot gold rose only 0.14% in the third quarter, an increase of up to $24.74% in the year, spot silver rose by 3.24% in the third quarter, not since the new year has recorded an increase of 39.54%. A British exit of the Delta, delta effect gradually receded in the UK in June 24th announced a few hours after the removal of Europe in the financial market into a frenzy, the pound against the dollar high diving 12%, gold soared nearly 9%, oil prices plunged more than 7%, European stocks fell 10%. Spot gold and silver in the United Kingdom announced after two weeks to continue to rise in Europe, in July 6th, gold hit a new high of $1375.27 over two years ounce, silver hit a two-year high of $21.13 ounce. With Europe off anxiety relief, the market focus shifted to the Fed’s monetary policy, gold and silver and not be able to continue this rally. The impact of Britain’s move away from Europe was not as severe as the market expected, and the financial markets were quickly restored to pre Euro levels, while the UK’s economic data remained well after the euro. National Bank of Australia said that the impact of Britain’s removal of the EU’s global economy is less than expected. Financial markets return to Britain from Europe before the referendum, even stronger, the direct economic impact of Britain from Europe seems only British economic recession and the EU trade partner modest spillover effects; the global economy seems to have dodged a bullet, although there are still a few uncertainties and structural factors drag, but the economic situation is still good, to maintain global economic growth in 2016 is expected to be 2.8%. The Blackstone Group Vice President Byron Wien said the British from Europe to Europe caused by the spread of risk seems to fade. However, the impact of the United Kingdom still need to beware of europe. The European Central Bank Management Committee, said Weiss, a British exit will cause long-term damage to the EU and the euro zone. G20 statement also pointed out that the United Kingdom to the European Union to increase the uncertainty of the global economy相关的主题文章: