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Arts-and-Entertainment Certified loose diamonds once traveled the trade route known as the Silk Road and were sold only in major trade ports in Europe. You would have to wait months or years to acquire a stone if you were one of the lucky ones that could afford more than stale bread and the occasional seasonal vegetable. In the middle Ages, it took years to even shape a rough diamond into a shimmering stone. We are the lucky ones in this instant society of ours! Diamonds are a fantastic reminder of how far we have evolved. All one needs to do is browse, point, click and buy. Door to door perfection in an insured package is hard to argue. However, why should you buy loose diamonds and why should you make sure that they are certified? The fine jewelry industry seems very straight forward to many customers. You see a ring, a bracelet, earrings or a necklace. You like it. It’s shiny and looks well made. You buy it. It’s a done deal. Well, for some it works that way but, there are many attributes of selecting and owning fine jewelry that the average consumer might not be aware of. When you first noticed that shimmering diamond ring, did you consider insuring it? How often would it have to be cleaned by a professional? How about the quality of the diamond? What if the diamond fell out of its setting and had to be replaced? Is this a certified and conflict free stone? I’m guessing, you looked at that diamond ring and your brain said, Shiny…The price is good too! Buying a certified stone is a huge advantage for any consumer looking to buy gemstones. Some individuals buy loose diamonds as an investment. Many investors have learned the hard lessons of the past decade of financial turmoil and have found their way into investments that are of a tangible nature. You can’t hold the money that electronically sits in your 401K but you can take diamonds and gold out of your safe or have them placed in a gorgeous piece of jewelry to be worn and enjoyed. Yes, the markets do fluctuate, but when you buy certified loose diamonds or gold you have certain assurances of your investment’s quality and all characteristics pertaining to it. A certified diamond will come with a report from a third party gem lab that has detailed all aspects of your stone. The certificate acts as a pedigree, much in the way you would get papers for a pure bred puppy. Should the price of diamonds increase, you will have a document to take to an appraisal. Certification reports are also extremely helpful when insuring your investment against loss, theft or damage. It’s true that we don’t have to wait years for diamonds anymore but, it is always in the consumers best interest to take a moment to research and make certain these shimmering delights are fully vetted by buying certified loose diamonds. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: