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Changle 89. For the elderly do the first golden wedding celebration review burning passion Fuzhou News Network (micro-blog) September 19th news (reporter Qiu Ling correspondent Jiang Liang) the most romantic thing in the world, is to hold hands with you. On the morning of 18, 89 of the folks from Fuzhou Changle Ying Qian Zhen Ma Tou Cun spend an unforgettable collective golden wedding celebration. "This wedding brings us back to the years of passion that had been burning for decades." Zheng Lishu, a 87 year old man, sighed. It is reported that this collective golden wedding celebration was supposed to be held in the Mid Autumn Festival, but sometime, the 14 typhoon "Meranti" suddenly struck, therefore postponed to 18 days. This is the first time for the first time in Changle that the village committee and the old house of the village of Ma Tou have been jointly organized. In the elegant horse village ancestral temple, on laying a new red carpet, a richly ornamented building hall, hanging banners riotous with colour intertwined, the chapel stage in accordance with local customs and put on the fruit, wine, flowers, candles and other auspicious high activities, golden old people wrapped in red ribbon, whether healthy or tough, a tremor and their faces are hung sweet and happy smile. After the ceremony, the village as they shoot a group photo on the spot and washing, plastic, gifts to the old people. Many old men trembled and touched their eyes, with tears in their eyes. At the scene, golden old friends and the staff of the village have been touched by this scene. "Remember that we were just married, the dress was worn out, and then a dozen families and a meal together, even if they married." This year, Zheng Lishu, 87 years old, is surrounded by his beloved wife, Li Yijiao. This collective celebration in the village has made up for many couples’ dreams without wedding, and relived the burning years of decades ago. The young horse village villagers Zheng Wei said, the old people’s love, but it can be seen that although there is no exchange solemn vows and pledges, and enduring faith and stand together through storm and stress and the vicissitudes of tolerance and love. The "golden wedding celebrations held, the purpose is to enhance people’s sense of social responsibility and the family sense of responsibility, and guide young people to establish a correct outlook on life, love and family values." Zheng Limi, director of the nursing home of Ma Tou village, said that while advocating a good view of marriage, love and family, we should further carry forward the traditional virtues of filial piety, love and affinity. >

.长乐89对老人首办金婚庆典 重温激情燃烧的岁月 福州新闻网(微博)9月19日讯(记者 邱陵 通讯员 姜亮)世间最浪漫的事,莫过于执子之手与子偕老。18日上午,来自福州长乐营前镇马头村的89对古稀老人度过一次难忘的集体金婚庆典。“这场婚礼让我们重温几十年前激情燃烧的岁月。”87岁老人郑礼枢感慨道。据悉,这场集体金婚庆典原本要在中秋佳节举办,可是“好事多磨”,14号台风“莫兰蒂”突然来袭,因此延期至18日。这是马头村村委会和敬老院首次联合举办,规模之大,在长乐亦属首次。在古朴典雅的马头村祠堂,地上铺设着崭新的红地毯,雕梁画栋的厅堂里,五颜六色的彩旗悬空交织,拜堂台前按照当地风俗摆上了果盘、美酒、鲜花、高烛等吉庆用品,金婚老人们披挂着红绶带,无论康健硬朗,还是蹒跚震颤,他们的脸上都挂着甜蜜而幸福的笑容。拜堂仪式后,村里为他们拍摄了集体照,并当场冲洗、过塑,赠送给老人们。不少老人颤抖着手抚摸着,热泪盈眶。在现场,金婚老人的亲朋好友与村里的工作人员都被这一幕感动着。“记得我们刚结婚那会,穿着的礼服都很破旧,再叫上十来位家人,一起吃了顿饭,就算把婚给结了。”今年87岁的郑礼枢轻搂着相伴一生的爱妻李依娇说,村里给大家办的这场集体庆典,弥补了很多没有举办婚礼的夫妻心底的梦,重温了几十年前那激情燃烧的岁月。马头村年轻的村民郑伟说,老人们的爱情,虽然没有海誓山盟,却能看出风雨同舟、同甘共苦的信念和那沧桑岁月中历久弥新的宽容和关爱。“举办金婚庆典,目的是增强大家的社会责任感和家庭责任感,引导年轻人树立正确的人生观、爱情观和家庭观。”马头村敬老院院长郑礼密说,在倡导美好的婚姻观、爱情观和家庭观的同时,也进一步弘扬孝老爱亲的中华民族传统美德。>相关的主题文章: