Changzhou, a man suspected his wife was molested angrily smashing workers raised the hammer (video) ghost observer

Changzhou, a man suspected his wife was molested raised the hammer angrily smashing workers Modern Express News (correspondent Wu Gong correspondent Ge Xiaolin) Anhui often working man Wang wife received a phone call, said the workers were molested, and workers quarrel and fly into a rage, chaos took the hammer will be injured workers. Fortunately, the timely rescue workers, saved a life. However, Wang is also responsible for his irrational behavior. Modern Express reporter learned from the Wujin police, more than 9 points in the night of June 16th this year, Lijia police station received the alarm within the jurisdiction of a factory, said the fight happened in dormitory building, one of whom was hurt by a hammer. After the police understand, the injured surname, from Sichuan, is the factory workers, wounding Zengmou name Wang, Zeng Zeng’s colleagues. Wang said, is Zengmou to tease his wife, he was angry with hammer injured zengmou. Originally, Wang, 33 years old, just returned to Changzhou with his wife from his hometown on the day of the incident. Due to the late shift, so Wang let his wife waiting in his dorm room. No thought, 7 points, he suddenly received a call from his wife, "she said, someone in the dormitory molested her.". Say to give her two hundred bucks, let her have sex." Wang to the dormitory only from Sichuan Zengmou, he immediately fly into a rage, immediately back to the dormitory, and had a face-to-face confrontation up soon, two people had a quarrel. The dispute, Wang felt a hammer, then to have a few on the head. When he saw that he had fallen into a pool of blood, Wang realized that things were getting worse. He hurried out of the dormitory and hid until he was arrested by the police. Due to the timely rescue, Zengmou saved a life, the forensic identification, the injury has reached two injured. At present, due to the crime of intentional injury, Wang was prosecuted by judicial authorities according to law. Expansion has nothing to do with the original video: watch the scene: his wife was molested men drinking injury

常州一男子怀疑妻子被人调戏 举起榔头怒砸工友现代快报讯(通讯员 武公 记者 葛小林)安徽来常打工的男子王某接到妻子的电话,说遭到工友调戏,火冒三丈,与工友争吵起来,混乱中拿出了榔头将工友砸伤。幸好抢救及时,工友捡回了一条命。不过,王某也为自己的不理智行为负责。现代快报记者从武进警方获悉,今年6月16日晚上9点多,礼嘉派出所接到辖区内一家工厂的报警,说宿舍楼里发生了打架事件,其中一人被榔头砸伤了。经民警了解,伤者姓曾,来自四川,是该工厂的职工,打伤曾某的人名叫王某,是曾某的同事。王某说,是曾某要调戏他老婆,他气愤之下才拿榔头砸伤曾某的。原来,33岁的王某案发当天刚和妻子从老家探亲回到常州。因为要上晚班,所以王某就让妻子在自己宿舍里等着。不曾想,7 点多的时候他突然接到了妻子的电话,“她说,宿舍里有人调戏她。说要给她两百块钱,让她发生性关系。”王某一想,宿舍里只有来自四川的曾某,他当即火冒三丈,立即赶回了宿舍,当面和曾某对质了起来,很快两人争执起来。争执中,王某摸到一把榔头,随后便对着曾某的头部猛击了几下。看见曾某倒在了血泊中,王某这才意识到事情闹大了,他急匆匆地跑出宿舍,躲了起来,直到被警方抓获。由于抢救及时,曾某捡回了一条命,经法医鉴定,其伤势已经达到了重伤二级。目前,因涉嫌故意伤害罪,王某被司法机关依法审查起诉。扩展视频:与原文无关 直击现场:妻子被“调戏”男子伤酒友相关的主题文章: