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Chengdu property prices panic sales houses sell fire at the crowd – taxi "don’t call me out to recommend you where to buy, because I do not know where to buy" "don’t persuade friends to buy a house, also don’t persuade friends to sell the house, now the market is not clear, easy to offend people!" In the September property market, the Chengdu commercial newspaper reporter heard that the massive property market information received, most of which is the advice of the industry peers. The reality and the vision of real 16072 and rejection frequency proportional to Liu feel shy are said to a friend, she was Uber drivers. As one of the ten most popular items in Chengdu, the night and day of Xiao Liu is like "ice and fire", the daytime people, the cold and the cold at night. Liu’s project in Tianfu new area, it is now the purchase crazy area, reportedly up to 400 sets of houses, more than 3000 people to buy Paihao, people want to buy a set, never talk to such concessions. The parking lot of the project is basically stopped every day, and it is more to stop on the side of the road at the weekend. Because many customers watch the house after work, it is normal to work overtime. Xiao Liu can’t drive, and sometimes it’s too late to call a car with a taxi. "Because it is far away from the main city, there are no cabs in all square kilometers." One evening, around a black out of the project, Liu shouted a few times a car, the driver of Ethernet far by rejection. "5 times have been shouted, 5 times have been rejected. At that time really take wildfire." The bustle of the day and night, deserted by contrast, real time and future work for the customer by the preaching of drivers of reality, sharp shock is enough to make people calm. Further reading: Chengdu small and medium enterprises collective collapse tide frequent night lay unfinished run away queuing to buy a house property market has crazy prices in Chengdu to follow the trend of press the fast forward button South Chengdu price why all the way up to individual real estate price rose 8 thousand yuan in Chengdu housing prices over 10000 prices increased differentiation property warming of Nanchong building a monthly income of 50 thousand become the top floor of Nanchong sister Chengdu is the sister income investment market investment and speculation in the eyes of foreigners can also enter the property market in Chengdu city opened a new project responsible person told the reporter, the Shanghai buyers recently did a number of small houses. "But dozens of individuals are going to buy together and send two people to negotiate." According to the introduction, the buyers in Shanghai stayed in Chengdu for more than a month. After inspecting many projects including the main city zone and some popular areas, they finally decided to buy their new opening project in the main city zone. But the price of Chengdu is still more stable. "In their view, there are not many cities that can invest in the country." There is no space in the first tier cities, the northeast is more unable to go, and the price is not sold well. Nanjing, Suzhou, Hefei, Zhengzhou, and Chengdu, like Chengdu, have risen very high, but the price of Chengdu is still relatively stable. The supply of Chongqing is too large, and the markets in Guiyang and Kunming are not allowed, so they feel that Chengdu is an investment market that can still be entered. For the choice of investment object, Shanghai buyers believe that Tianfu New District has many advantages, but the supply is too large. If we buy it at the current price, we will face double-sided attack on cheap second-hand housing and massive new houses in the future. "They are more optimistic about our small scale main city area projects. First, we value the small number of new houses around the area. Two, the project itself is not big and fast, and the three is the concept of school districts around. The responsible person said, and previous speculation in the real estate group, now investors will not consider Kuaijinkuaichu, and Shanghai compared to about one million of the house can hold long time, financial pressure is, "they will wait for the price to a higher level after the sale." At the same time, the responsible person also believes that buy this rally in Chengdu local customers, mostly self occupied and investment two functions both to consider, "short-term speculation less, this background, I think the Chengdu housing prices rising trend should also be continued for a period of time." Now the market is "bittersweet" and the popularity of the market will bottom in October compared to more real estate practitioners expressed on the future direction of the property market foresight. A developer of anonymity, told the Chengdu Daily reporter, before the Chengdu real estate market customers buy, more than half from Sichuan in the second city and Qinghai, Gansu, Tibet and Xinjiang in southwest and northwest customers, their housing needs more education, health care, pension, rather than investment, it is a positive demand but the opposite coast customers, their purchasing power is limited, the skyrocketing housing prices will be part of this customer is excluded, the Chengdu market demand will decline. Just take the data analysis in Tianfu district a housing enterprises responsible person said, see now the market is "bittersweet", like the price is up, is afraid of their own projects have not pushed out a policy, the market is cold. Wu Hai responsible person also said that this round of the earlier the most expensive land frequency foundation, improve the type buyers demand to take the lead, the South and other regional hot spots, led by real estate deregulation, the comprehensive effect of boosting credit drain under the market prosperity, has simple home buyers from the normal demand become panic people in the emergency room, and even appeared again in the speculative real estate. Before and after the stock market crash, people raised by the hedge investment is still the first choice for real estate investment has gradually become the mainstream consciousness, doomed the non normal prices soaring. "The industry in the harvest bonus, at the same time, should be from the perspective of the protection of the market, the vision will be long-term, as far as possible to stimulate the market. As far as possible, the policy of regulation and control should be avoided, and the healthy development of the real estate market is damaged. " 成都房价涨价恐慌 售楼小姐房子卖得火打车鬼火冒 拥挤的人群   “不要找我凭空推荐你买哪儿,因为我也不知道买哪儿”   “不要劝朋友买房子,也不要劝朋友卖房子,现在的市场都看不清,容易得罪人!”   9月的楼市,成都商报记者听到看到收到的海量楼市信息中,最谨记的就是上面几位业内同行的忠告。   现实与憧憬   卖房套数和被拒载次数成正比   小刘都不好意思给朋友说,她又被uber司机拒载了。作为目前成都最火十大项目之一的销售,小刘的夜晚和白天就如同“冰与火”,白天人山人海,晚上冷冷清清。   小刘所在的项目在天府新区,正是现在购房者为之疯狂的区域,据传推400套房子,有3000多人来排号,买房的人只求买到一套,从不谈要优惠之类的。项目停车场基本天天停满,周末更是要停到路边上去。因为很多客户下班后来看房子,所以加班成为常态。   小刘不会开车,有时下班太晚只好用打车软件叫车。“由于这里离主城区很远,所有项目方圆数公里是没有出租车的。”有一次晚上下班,从项目上出来周围都黑成一片,小刘喊了几次车,司机都以太远为由拒载。“喊了5次,5次都被拒。当时真的鬼火冒。”白天的喧嚣和夜晚的冷清形成强烈的对比,卖房时为客户宣讲的未来与下班后被司机拒载的现实,鲜明的冲击也足以让人冷静。   延伸阅读:   成都中小型房企集体塌方 停工烂尾跑路潮频发   连夜排队买房楼市已疯 成都房价跟风摁下快进键   成都城南房价缘何一路上扬 个别楼盘均价涨幅达8千元 平   成都主城区房价全面过万 下半年房价分化加剧    楼市升温南充楼姐月入5万 成为南充收入最高楼姐  成都是还可以进入的投资市场   投资与投机   外地人眼中的成都楼市   主城区一新开项目的负责人告诉记者,最近确实有上海买家定了数量不小的房源。“但是几十个人合伙一起买,派两个人过来谈判而已。”据介绍,上海买家在成都待了一个多月,考察了包括主城区和一些热门区域的多个项目,最终还是决定买他们这个主城区的新开项目。 但成都的价格还比较稳定   “在他们看来,国内能够投资的城市不多。一线城市没有空间了,东北更不能去,降价都不好卖。南京、苏州、合肥、郑州这样和成都差不多的城市,房价已经涨得很高,但成都的价格还比较稳定。重庆的供应量太大,贵阳、昆明的市场看不准,所以筛选下来他们觉得成都是还可以进入的投资市场。”   对于投资对象的选择,上海买家认为,天府新区虽然有诸多利好,但供应量过大,如果以现在的价格买来投资,未来就会面对低价二手房和海量新房的双面夹击。   “他们反而比较看好我们这种规模不大的主城区项目,一是看重区域周边新房数量不多,二是项目本身体量不大、呈现速度快,三是周围有学区概念。”该负责人表示,和以前炒楼花的炒房团不同,现在的投资者暂时不会考虑快进快出,和上海相比,一百多万的房子完全可以长时间持有,资金压力不大,“他们会等待房价到更高的程度以后再出售。”   同时,该负责人也认为,这轮涨势中买房的成都本地客户,也大多是将自住和投资两项功能兼顾来考虑,“炒短期的少了,这种大背景下,我觉得成都的房价上升趋势还应该可以持续一段时间。” 现在的行情“悲喜交加”   人气与寒气   行情会否在10月见底   相比之下,更多的房地产业从业人士表达了对未来楼市走向的远虑。一位不愿具名的开发商告诉成都商报记者,之前,成都房地产市场买房客户,一半以上来自川内二线城市和青海、甘肃、西藏、新疆等西南西北地区的客户,他们的购房需求更多是教育、医疗、养老,而不是投资,这是良性的需求,而且相对沿海客户,他们的购买力有限,房价的暴涨必然会将这部分客户排除在外,成都的市场购买需求将会下降。 数据分析   刚在天府新区拿地的一家房企负责人坦言,看到现在的行情是“悲喜交加”,喜的是价格上去了,怕的是自己的项目还没推出来就出政策,市场冷了。   武海相关负责人也表示,这一轮由较早前地王频出奠基,改善型置业需求带头,城南等热点区域领涨,以及房地产政策松绑,信贷放水助推等综合作用下的市场繁荣,已经由单纯的正常购房置业需求演变成为了全民参与的恐慌性抢房,甚至再次出现了投机性炒房。加之之前股灾后,民众所唤起的保值投资还是首选不动产投资的意识逐渐成为主流,就注定了本轮非正常的房价暴涨。“业内在收获红利的同时,更应该从保护市场的角度出发,将目光放长远,尽量不催化刺激市场。尽可能避免调控政策大幅度左右摇摆,损害房地产市场的健康发展。”相关的主题文章: