China 6K for the first time to show the public repeatedly patrol the South China Sea in the South Ch dachiyouxiang

China boom 6K to the public for the first time show repeatedly war patrol in East China Sea – Sohu military channel data figure: China boom 6K bombers cruising Meiji reef. Reference News Network reported on August 30th: foreign media, said the Chinese Air Force spokesman Shen said that China will be the first time in September 1st -6K aircraft for the Chinese public display. According to the Russian satellite network reported on 29 August, Shen said, the air force bombers -6K aircraft will be held in Jilin on September 1st Changchun "dream space" activities for the first time in the open air distance into the public China. A spokesman for the -6K aircraft is Chinese, detonation in a self-designed long-range bombers, primarily for the implementation of distance precision attack and airport bombing missions. In 2015, -6K aircraft 4 detonation flying out of the first island chain drill the Western Pacific, and unveiled the "9.3" victory day parade. 2016, -6K aircraft repeatedly perform the South China Sea combat cruise mission to defend national sovereignty, security and maritime rights and interests. At the same time, also participated in the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone air patrol. Shen pointed out that with the boom of -6K aircraft together to the public display, and performed the task sea air defense identification zone air patrol police, air marshals -500 aircraft, participated in the "9.3" Victory Day parade, the red flag -9 ground to air missile and airborne infantry fighting vehicles and other equipment. He said, air marshals -500 is China independently developed new, medium, all-weather, multi sensor airborne early warning and command and control aircraft, mainly responsible for air patrol command and control task. The red flag -9 missile is the third generation of ground air defense weapons and equipment, mainly used in the fight against all types of air raid target, high Chinese army long-range air defense equipment. The spokesman said, China people’s Liberation Army Air Force Aviation University will send a "sky wing" and "Red Eagle" two aerobatic team, performing in the air opening activities together with the air force. At the same time will also hold f -10 and f -9 model performances, teach teach -10, f -11 aircraft single air show. Retired Jacques, Umig, CJ -5, annihilate -5 aircraft will participate in the static display.相关的主题文章: