China and France signed a cooperation agreement to further strengthen the exchange of language polic ssdao

China and France signed a cooperation agreement to further strengthen the exchange of language policy – Xinhua news agency, Beijing, November – 1, French and Chinese are beyond the native language, is the official language of many international organizations. In order to further promote the Sino French exchanges and cooperation between the two sides on behalf of the 1 signed a cooperation agreement in Beijing, to encourage cooperation in language and cultural exchanges, knowledge and skills development, personnel training and other aspects of cooperation. In the third session of the Sino French language policy and planning international seminar, Vice Minister of the Ministry of education, the State Language Commission Director Du Zhanyuan and the French Ministry of culture and communication of French general secretary Loic? Depecker signed a cooperation agreement "on the" language policy, the two sides identified the language policy objectives, scope and way of communication and cooperation. Du Zhanyuan introduction, in recent years, under the joint efforts of both sides, Sino French cultural exchanges and cooperation have been more comprehensive, in-depth and mature development. Both Chinese and French civilizations have had an important impact on world civilization, as an important carrier and symbol of civilization, the two languages played an important role in the development of different cultures. Deepening exchanges and cooperation between the two countries will help to further enhance the appeal of the language and culture of the two countries, is conducive to enhancing mutual understanding and mutual trust between the two peoples, and promote better development of bilateral relations. Du Zhanyuan initiative, the practical implementation of the two sides signed the "cooperation agreement" on the exchange of language policy in other countries, to promote bilateral language education, strengthen the study of text based language, enhance exchanges and cooperation, promote cross-cultural understanding. The Third International Conference on Sino French language policy and planning for a period of three days, is an important part of the Sino French high-level communication mechanism. From the French government officials and experts in language education forum, around the "language planning and policy" "French education and Chinese education" and "protection of language and cultural diversity" and "language service and language communication" four topics in-depth discussion. During the workshop, will be in the Capital Museum held a week-long "Sino French language culture exchange and cooperation" exhibition, show their language planning and policy development, to show their language and cultural diversity protection measures.相关的主题文章: