China and the Pan Pearl River Delta Cooperation in Police Affairs fifth joint meeting held in Guiyan-nrf905

China? The Pan Pearl River Delta police cooperation in the fifth joint meeting held in Beijing Beijing Guiyang in Guiyang in November 1 Xinhua (reporter Zhang Wei) November 1st, China? Police cooperation in the Pan Pearl River Delta fifth annual joint conference held in Guizhou city in Guiyang Province, the meeting reviewed the achievements of the pan pearl River Delta regional police cooperation work. The precious experience of the member units in close cooperation, work together for police cooperation Shang Yixin normal, to jointly plan new measures of Regional Police linkage, and decided to the Public Security Bureau of Guizhou Province as Chinese? The pan PRD cooperation in the joint meeting of the fifth session of the presidency. Deputy Secretary of Guizhou provincial Party committee, provincial Party committee secretary Chen Yiqin, vice governor Chen Mingming attended the meeting and made a speech; Hunan provincial Party committee, provincial politics and Law Committee, vice governor, public security minister Huang Guanchun, vice chairman of the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region public security bureau director Hu Zhuo, vice governor of Yunnan Province Public Security Bureau Director Zhang Taiyuan, and the Ministry of Public Security Bureau, Fujian, Jiangxi Sichuan, Guangdong, and Hainan Province Public Security Bureau relevant leaders attended the meeting and speech, the meeting chaired by the Guizhou provincial government party members, public security minister Guo Ruimin. In October 2010, the Ministry of public security China to "give full play to China political advantage, improve departmental cooperation, regional police cooperation, police cooperation mechanism, the formation of the overall force of social management of the decision to deploy, established in the country seven regional police cooperation zone. China? Since the Pan Pearl River Delta police cooperation fourth joint meeting, nine provinces (districts) public security organs around the police cooperation framework, in accordance with the "Pan PRD police cooperation in the fourth joint meeting memo" main cooperation matters, closely around the fourth joint meeting proposed to create a safe, Pan Pearl police, overall combat, intelligence information convergence "four police cooperation upgrade work target, reform and innovation as the driving force to police combat oriented, constantly improve the mechanism of regional police cooperation, to maximize the advantages of regional police cooperation has achieved fruitful results. Sichuan, Guizhou provincial public security department responsible for the handover of the emblem of the two. Guizhou Provincial Public Security Bureau for map data show that over the past year, nine pan PRD province (District) public security organs were brought to the cooperation of more than 5, to carry out regional joint action to combat all kinds of crime suspects were arrested more than 7100 times, more than 1.8 people, to carry out normalization of police cooperation for more than 120 times; by the public security organs in Guizhou province the Pan Pearl River Delta police cooperation with the fraternal provinces (districts) public security organs to establish various cooperation mechanisms in 32, more than 2.4 kinds of information exchange, to carry out joint special operations area more than 820 times, all kinds of verification clues involving terrorism 248, arrested 19 criminal suspects involved in terrorism, jointly cracked more than 400 criminal cases. To combat all kinds of criminal suspects and arrested more than 1400 people, 4055 people online fugitives, seized more than 410 kilograms of drugs, effectively safeguarding the peace in Guizhou overall social stability, for the region Coordinated economic development has created a good environment. The meeting pointed out that to carry out extensive cooperation in the Pan Pearl River Delta police, to maintain good inter regional national security and social stability, is the sacred mission of members of the joint mission, and hope that we always adhere to open up相关的主题文章: