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China largest freshwater lake "shout thirsty" turned grassland or "man bird eating" – Beijing, Jiangxi province Poyang Lake District bare beach beach, grassland turned. (October 9th) Wang Jian photo Beijing, October 14 Nanchang Xinhua (reporter Wang Jian) 14, the largest freshwater lake in Poyang Lake Chinese Xingzi hydrological station again below 10 meters water level, the lake again in the dry season. At present, the water level in Poyang Lake is much lower than the average for many years, and has an impact on the ecological environment and the production and living water. Poyang Lake serious "shrink" level below 10 meters in the dry season since late July, Jiangxi local severe meteorological drought, the territory of Chinese largest freshwater lake Poyang Lake water resupply of Yangtze River, serious shrink". According to the water conservancy department at the beginning of September statistics, the drought caused the province nearly 2 million acres of crops affected. Since then, the water level of Poyang Lake Xingzi continued to decline. In September 19th, the water level Xingzi 11.96 meters, Poyang Lake entered the low water period; in September 27th, the water level Xingzi 9.97 meters, Poyang Lake entered the dry season. By the end of September, the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" rainfall, river runoff increases, Poyang Lake water level rise, to October 4th, the water level Xingzi 11.20 meters, again after the slow retreat. As of 14 May 16, the water level of Xingzi station 9.96 meters, 4.75 meters lower than the same period the average for many years. The beach "prairie" fishermen ashore every year from September to November. But, this is the Poyang Lake fishing peak, but this fall, due to Poyang Lake than in previous years too "thin", fishery resources is greatly reduced, some fishermen helpless abandon ship ashore. Beijing, the reporter saw in the Jiangxi province of Jiujiang in Binhu this week, long time exposed lake about 2 months earlier than previous years into a lush prairie, part of the lake a "magnificent scene and the wind blows". It is regrettable that, behind the beautiful landscape of Poyang Lake wetland ecological environment degradation. Some experts said that the fishery resources will reduce the effect of foraging there are one hundred thousand migratory birds in the lake, fish ponds to farmland birds could feed, "the contradiction between man and bird eating" or will be increased, the proposed increase of wetland ecological compensation efforts. Jiangxi Province Water Conservancy Department experts said, Poyang Lake years of low water level, indicating that the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake hydrological situation has undergone major changes. (end)相关的主题文章: