China Shangcai Chongyang Cultural Festival opened in October 9th — the Henan sub network — people’

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China Shangcai Chongyang Cultural Festival opens in October 9th — Henan sub network, Zhumadian September 30, October 9th (Xinhua) yesterday, the reporter learned from the Propaganda Department of Zhumadian municipal Party committee, China Shangcai fourteenth Chongyang Culture Festival will be opened in October 9th. Hu Jianhui, the Secretary of the county committee, said: "we will make Shangcai a festival of the national Chongyang culture and the center of the heritage of filial piety culture." The Chongyang Festival, also known as the high Festival and the old man’s day, is a traditional national festival in China. Shangcai Gucheng Okayama is known as "Caihou play as the source of river floor, Chongyang season people climb up evil, and thus in popular, widely circulated. In 2005, Shangcai county was named "the hometown of Chinese Chongyang culture" by the Chinese people’s Association. In 2006, the "Chongyang Festival" folk custom was listed in the first batch of Henan’s intangible cultural heritage protection list. In 2011, it was listed in the third batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. It is understood that during the Cultural Festival, a series of mass cultural activities with the theme of "Double Ninth Festival, love for the elderly", and CCTV’s Shenzhou grand stage are coming into the public performance of "the town of Chongyang culture". In addition, will also hold "Chongyang longevity and filial piety, filial piety and exemplary family award in recognition of activities in 2016, five elderly" clinic health check "," the birthplace of Chongyang, respecting "moral lecture and other rich and colorful activities, extensive heritage of virtue and filial piety Chongyang customs. (commissioning editor Song Fangxin and Yang Xiaona)

中国上蔡重阳文化节10月9日开幕–河南分网–人民网 人民网驻马店9月30日电 (戚艺芳) 昨日,记者从驻马店市委宣传部获悉,中国?上蔡第十四届重阳文化节将于10月9日开幕。县委书记胡建辉说:“我们将把上蔡打造成全国重阳文化的节庆盛典地和孝文化传承中心。” 重阳节又称登高节、老人节,是我国传统的民族节日。上蔡故城冈山又名蔡侯玩河楼,为重阳时节人们登高避邪的源头,并由此在民间盛行,广为流传。2005年上蔡县被中国民协命名为中国重阳文化之乡、2006年“重阳节”民俗被列入首批河南省非物质文化遗产保护名录,2011年被国务院列入第三批国家级非物质文化遗产名录。 据了解,文化节期间以“重阳节?敬老情”为主题的系列群众文化活动,暨中央电视台《神州大舞台》走进“重阳文化之乡”公益演出,将在轮番精彩开演。此外,还将举办“重阳寿星”及孝心模范、孝道家庭评选表彰活动、2016年五保老人“义诊康检”活动、“重阳发源地,尊老敬老情”道德讲堂等丰富多彩的活动,广泛传承孝道美德和重阳习俗。 (责编:宋芳鑫、杨晓娜)相关的主题文章: