China will launch a fast boat one low cost can quickly track – Sohu news-ca1816

China will launch a fast boat one: low cost can be quickly into orbit – Sohu news at 20:43 on November 3rd, China’s first large carrier rocket Long March five in Wenchang, China launched a space launch site. Reference News Network reported on November 6th western media said, in the eleventh session of China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, Chinese CASIC airshow spokesman pointed out that Chinese will launch in December a new rocket fast boat ", this is a low cost rapid integration, rapid rocket into orbit. According to EFE reported on November 3rd, different from the conventional Chinese "Long March" rockets, "fast boat one can by the mobile launch vehicle emission in the implementation of the ordinary hard ground, and required a shorter time to prepare. Xinhua news agency, 3, stressed that this means that China will launch a new breakthrough in the field of commercial rocket launch. Reported that the fast boat one rocket mainly for the 300KG class and below the low orbit small satellite launch services, and such satellites are mainly used for disaster prevention and mitigation. Although the Zhuhai airshow is "fast boat" number one debut stage, but after the news Chinese in 2013 to 2014 began to test the rocket. Reported that the fast boat one news soon, China successfully launched a new generation of carrier rockets on the 3 March Long March No. five. "Long March" five rocket fired from China Wenchang space launch site, is China’s largest ever rocket. Reported that Beijing hopes the future use of the long march five to complete more ambitious space mission. (compile Liu Lifei)相关的主题文章: