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Chinese boutique children’s theater debut in Mongolia China – International – newspaper Ulan Bator on 28 August,     (reporter Yang Tao) jointly organized by the Chinese Embassy in Mongolia embassy Chinese Chinese, Ministry of culture center, cultural exchanges between China and Ulan Bator China cultural center and China children’s Art Theatre "Twelve year" big drama and China children the drama exhibition in Ulan Bator 28, the National Theatre opened, local children by watching performances, playing games, listening to explain the interesting interactive experience enjoy the drama Chinese children. As an integral part of the series of cultural activities in China, Mongolia children and parents feel the charm of Chinese culture from the distance in Mongolia. A child was born and bred in the dragon, under the care of the twelve zodiac, the child grew up. But in the modern world is full of challenges, children and twelve animals respond together, finally usher in a better tomorrow, "watch the drama" twelve year "fascinating story, have a unique style appearance and humorous action to make the scene a small audience staring intently, laughter again and again. Invited to watch the exhibition Chinese ambassador to Mongolia Xing Haiming said that the perception of Chinese "activities provided with the exchange, in the palace of art in the platform gathering together to Mongolia’s little friends, hope to hold more cultural activities for the youth of the two countries in the future, to promote mutual understanding and friendship between the two sides. Mongolia’s family and Youth Development Center Director Alatan and also hope that through this event, let the children know Chinese culture in Mongolia. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 29 August 21 Edition) (commissioning editor Wang Zhengqi and Cao Kun)相关的主题文章: