Chinese scholars hope to strengthen cultural exchanges and cooperation with Uzbekistan – Internation-puritans pride

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Chinese scholars hope to strengthen cultural exchanges and cooperation with Uzbekistan – International – August 26 Beijing Xinhua (Yang Qian) 25 morning, by Chinese Central Asia Friendship Association, Chinese Institute of International Eurasian Academy of Social Sciences Institute, China and Uzbekistan embassy hosted the 25 anniversary of "Uzbekistan independence" in the development of bilateral relations Memorial seminar held in beijing. Vice president of CPAFFC Song Jingwu, Ambassador of Uzbekistan Qurbanov Research Institute, Chinese International Eurasian institute director Chen Yurong, deputy director of the Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences China Eurasian Sun Li and the two sides participating experts and speech. Vice President Song Jingwu said in his speech, the independence of Uzbekistan in 25 years, under the leadership of President Karimov, Uzbekistan people’s active exploration and unremitting efforts, out of a development path suited to their own national conditions. As a sincere friend and friendly neighbor, the Chinese people are very happy to have made great achievements in Uzbekistan. The two countries people have a long history of exchanges and profound traditional friendship, originated in the Chinese known to the world of the ancient Silk Road will be more closely linked in ukraine. This year is the 25 anniversary of independence in Uzbekistan next year will usher in the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Ukraine 25 anniversary. In June this year President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Uzbekistan, the two leaders announced that will enhance the bilateral relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership, which is also an important milepost in the development of bilateral relations. Qurbanov, Uzbekistan’s ambassador to China, reviewed the positive progress made in recent years in high-level exchanges between China and Ukraine and the large-scale cooperation projects between the two countries. He said that the future will be dedicated to the Ukrainian side with China in agriculture, tourism, culture and cultural exchanges and cooperation. He stressed that the prevalence of Chinese language in Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan colleges and universities Confucius is training more and more Chinese talent. Representatives of the Chinese scholars have made a speech on Uzbekistan’s independence in the past 25 years in the political, economic, diplomatic and social development and other research results, highly praised the brilliant achievements made in Uzbekistan. The State Council Development Research Center of the Eurasian social development institute deputy director, researcher Wang Xianju said in a statement, Uzbekistan for ten consecutive years to maintain not less than 8% of the GDP growth rate of high-speed economic development, gradually change from an agricultural country to industrial country, Ukraine have good cooperation in the energy industry and other aspects, the future also have more broad prospects for cooperation. He suggested that the two sides can attach importance to strengthening cultural exchanges, relaxation of visa policy to attract more Chinese tourists to Uzbekistan tourism. Chinese, director of the Institute of contemporary international relations in Central Asia Department researcher Ding Xiaoxing pointed out in his speech that over the years, Asian countries will focus on western countries, as they study the mode of development, but affected by the economic crisis and put forward the "China Belt and Road Initiative" concept, all eyes began to shift to asia. The key position of Uzbekistan is located in Central Asia, the only way which must be passed in the Belt and Road Initiative ", China hope to carry out more extensive cooperation with Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan can also take the opportunity to vigorously develop the economy. In addition, he also called相关的主题文章: