Chinese’s first domestic aircraft over Beijing 90%- in

China’s first domestic aircraft visiting rate over 90%- News Agency Beijing in September 29 Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Zhang Su) deputy general manager of Chengdu Airlines Zhang Fang said 29 days, Chinese first ARJ21 new regional jet operations for three months, the cumulative commercial passenger run the 35 day of the flight, flight 70, above the guest rate 90%, a good level of sales and revenue. China commercial aircraft company in Shanghai on the day of delivery to Chengdu Airlines second ARJ21 aircraft, Zhang led the unit to drive this number is B – 3322 new aircraft to fly to Chengdu. In June 28, 2016, the first ARJ21 aircraft was officially put into operation route, opened the road of development of civil aircraft industry China. Early operations, Chengdu airlines to Chengdu to carry out route operations, every Tuesday, four, six round-trip from Chengdu and. Overall smooth operation, about 4000 passengers have to take ARJ21 aircraft." Zhang Fang said that a passenger is a domestic aircraft, have posed for pictures, let us also very moved". The first operation of the ARJ21 aircraft is currently performing routine C. Reporters learned that the C test is equivalent to the regular maintenance of vehicles, according to the "report" Review Committee maintenance regulations, flight data to the specified value, the need for routine inspection, in order to meet the requirements of the airworthiness of the aircraft. This inspection usually takes two or three months. The first Boeing ARJ21 aircraft flight for almost more than and 210 hours, in this process, the civil aviation authority and China commercial aircraft has been closely tracking the plane." Deputy director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China East Regional Administration Shen Xiaoming said, "during the operation of punctuality rate is high, the attendance rate is very high. Of course, the process also found that the need to improve aspects. The government will work with them to ensure the safety of the aircraft". Zhang Fang said that the second ARJ21 aircraft delivered the first aircraft and will first perform the same flight route, then according to the configuration and development strategy choice of resources to open new routes, more to meet the demand for passenger travel. (end)相关的主题文章: