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CIRC: 600 billion universal insurance will gradually withdraw A shares Xiaoxibushi – Sohu news CIRC 25 news release, the market for the "600 billion universal insurance will gradually withdraw A shares" rumors, China CIRC relevant responsible person pointed out that the rumor is not real. Recently, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission held a forum on the relevant departments, on how to further improve the regulatory system of life insurance products to seek the views of some insurance companies. Relevant documents are still in the process of soliciting opinions, I hope the public to the official release of the regulatory documents shall prevail. The responsible person stressed that, in order to meet the growing consumer demand for insurance, China CIRC will further strengthen the personal insurance products safeguard function, guide the development of the industry risk protection and long-term retirement savings products, gathering long-term insurance funds, the implementation of the development concept of insurance name "guarantee". Is the insurance funds to support the development of the capital market, promote the real important strength of economic transformation, promote the adjustment of industrial structure, will further play the advantages of long-term investment, to provide long-term stable funding for the real economy and capital market development.相关的主题文章: