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Will you choose to Yuesao confinement or mother-in-law – Sohu, a maternal Part in order to avoid the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, as you please a Yuesao, finally know the truth of your tears fall down "push bacteria to see every day, whenever found about the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, message will be heard condemning, mother-in-law said all not all." "Well, a small woman in the face of this international problem has a coup, from a pregnant baby I and my family who say that the birth must give me a Yuesao please." Mother is the most afraid of making organisms on the planet, to always maintain world peace a Yuesao can in a limited range." …… "I had this small abacus very well, this Yuesao door after a month of work, I really want to be drunk!" 1, moldy my month. After the birth of the baby when the summer, see the next bed to treasure the mother Yuesao wipe the body, I wanted to let sister Wang (I please Yuesao) also to wipe my two body, the first is this sister, winking said to me: "the yard can not wipe the body, will wind, easy to fall next month." She speaks poker-faced I believe. So, boys, my confinement is really a sweat over with dishevelled hair and a dirty face. Now I am very confused, that I could be so stupid, just listen to her. (October bacteria): the older generation that is easy to catch a cold bath yard, afraid of falling headache and body pain and other illnesses. But in fact, in the yard with the correct method of the bath is to avoid these problems, but if the yard has not Baoma bath is very easy to cause bacterial infection, cause inflammation. So in October the bacteria now gave you science about how to bathe the yard:? 2; water temperature between 34 DEG ~38 DEG water? 2; room temperature: not less than 2 DEG C?; time: 5~10 minutes in 2 ways:?; firm can not choose to shower or bath tub. 2?; note: after the bath Baoma immediately wipe the body, to prevent cold 2, "passionately devoted" jadeite jade pearl soup. Just gave birth to the baby I don’t what appetite, not interested in food, sister Wang gave me a bowl of soup, but also good, green vegetables and tender tofu tastes light and refreshing, sister Wang said milk can drink plenty of water, good for the baby. I drank a mouthful of gratitude and said "thank you."!" But, who can think of the sisters from the day gave me a whole month "pearl jade white soup", husband to buy chicken and carp I lengshi see. Well, I can not believe she is really upright. (October bacteria): about a month of meals Po mom easy to walk into a misunderstanding, that is: but in fact, the yard has two major tasks to complete the mummy. One is to focus on their own recovery; the other is to complete a good lactation. Treasure the mother confinement diet should be refined, complex, soft, thin, avoid acid, cold, salty, spicy, specific principles are as follows: 2?; the first week postpartum should be based on high calorie foods, sugar water, egg, millet and liver are not!相关的主题文章: