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The truth: the best cancer constellation ex is ambiguous goblin (Figure) and I see you 4 times a week, we drink together, we ate the dinner on New Year’s Eve, I gave him a scarf, he gave me a hug, I advised him to break up he will obediently follow, but we are not friends…… Sina constellation netizen mintangtt love to Sina constellation best cancer ex is ambiguous fairy my male crab crab. He and I were only a month, when we are more rational separation, because he was 2 years younger than me, his concept of marriage in the future or zero. Just separated, now more than half a year, we have maintained relatively ambiguous, others thought we were still together. To some extent, he is very dependent on me, we meet four times a week, with the class. He always chose to sit next to me, so that no one else would sit around us, as long as there are third people, he will be very silent. In fact, I know he is also very humorous and talkative, but only in the case of only the two of us will be the case. I’ve had a couple of times in the middle, telling him we can’t go on like this. His words and deeds and behavior to pay more attention to the point, he will be very innocent to say that this will make people misunderstand it, he did not feel anything, that he will pay attention to, but can not do without my friend, he took me as his sister. Every time he changed my decision, he went on with it. Last year, for some time, he seemed to be in a good mood every day, but also a lot of classes. I asked if he’s new girlfriend, he laughs and says that the most know him or me. Said he was worried about me, I also want to have the wedding. But the girl is not suitable for him, in the first time I saw her photos, I advised him to break up. At that time, they are often emotional, he will be very late to call me, I told them everything, his sad, I smiled and said we did not contact each other, lest jealous. He said no, don’t take care of her. I urged him to break up, but she did not fit him outside, I have much with some of their own selfish. When they parted, he was in a bad mood. I knew he liked her. But their character can not tolerate, I accompany him to eat and drink, it is my first time to drink, although not many, but the mood of the two of us are not good. Soon after, he was ill, I bought a drug to express his past, he said he was very moved. But still fell ill, I feel a little distressed. He promised the new year to accompany me to eat a meal, said to be together to eat the dinner on New Year’s Eve. But he has been ill cough, he said his parents wouldn’t let him come home late, but in order to fulfill my promise to him, or to leave them. That day I sent a scarf to him, he usually does not have a scarf, very cold. He smiled at me the bag is not said to him, when I really gave him, he was dumbfounded, he said he did not expect his boyish let me around to help him in the square. When I put my head around him, I suddenly had an illusion that we had never been apart. He always said that I know him best, when I am in a bad mood, he will give me a hug on the message, when I want to cry when he said he borrowed a shoulder to me; he said I was the sun, is constant temperature!相关的主题文章: