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Arts-and-Entertainment XM Radio has been one of the hottest developments in car stereos in decades. You get .mercial free, high quality, digital radio, with great live shows and music. The catch, it requires a subscription and paying a monthly fee just like your cable TV. Is XM Radio subscription worth the price? It depends on your desires, and your budget, here is a few things you may want to consider. If you want to avoid .mercials while listening in your car, you have several good options. The first of course is to use CD discs, but of course, that is somewhat restrictive on getting a good mix of music, and you need to carry a case of discs with you. Your second choice is a XM Radio subscription, which offers you great sounding music, but .es with two costs, the initial cost of getting the radio, if you car in not already equipped, and then the monthly subscription fees. Your third option is using your MP3 player of iPod .bined with a digital FM transmitter to your existing FM radio. FM Digital Transmitters vs XM Radio subscription The third option, uses FM radio waves in, an FCC .pliant manner, to make a wireless transfer of your songs from your MP3 player into your car stereo. The music quality is great, you can have a wide variety of music with your own playlists, and you do not pay a monthly fee. The added cost is found in purchasing the MP3 music. With the XM radio option, you not only get great, clear, digital music, you also get a wide variety of popular live shows from people like Howard Stern and Oprah. You have a wide variety of content available at any time. The other advantage of a XM Radio subscription is in the broadcast method itself. Where FM radio stations require you be near a local broadcaster, XM Radio is broadcast digitally from a satellite. You are always within range of your favorite XM Radio stations. The only real .petitor is when you take control yourself with the digital FM radio transmitter. If you are already using an iPod, iPhone, or MP3 player which you will continue to load up with music, then the MP3 FM radio transmitter may be your better bargain. You will not have the added cost of a monthly subscription, and you were going to pay for the songs anyways. Variety of programming available with XM Radio Subscription Probably the biggest deciding factor for most people will the be wide variety of other shows on XM Radio. If you discover some of these shows are fabulous, and you really want to enjoy them on a daily basis, then an XM Radio subscription is a great value. If it is only for music, and to avoid the massive amount of .mercials, you should take a closer look at the digital FM radio transmitter option. You can purchase a transmitter for about the same cost as two months of your XM Radio subscription. Is XM Radio subscription worth the price? For anyone wanting to enjoy great talk shows, news, and other live media without .mercials, it is a great bargain. For people just needing music without .mercials, it is probably overpriced. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: