Deep fried! The 11 District launches the iron man warrior doll-superrecovery

Deep fried! The 11 zone launched the iron man warrior doll recently, and the Tamashii Nations of Japan’s million toy companies launched a series of Movie Realization masters. After the debut of the first wave of Spiderman, the iron man MK3, the archetype of iron man, will be launched in the near future. The picture can be seen in the figure, the color is bright, exquisite details. The overall shape is quite cool. The famous Movie Realization series: iron man, the marvel classic iron man with other Japanese generals combined in the Warring States period. The surprise is that this exquisite Samurai model is carefully designed by Taketani Takano. In the picture, the iron man behind the huge flying backpack is Japanese decorative carvings, specially designed for musket guns were fired under the wrist, palm shape modeling. Color matching is also represented by iron man red and yellow matching. The front part of the mask is made of " golden " coating is made; the chest of the armor has a circular mini power stove. This work is also attached with the exchange of the hands of about 2, Japanese knives and other accessories. The name of the name Movie Realization is about 9504 yen (about 618.67 yuan) for iron man, with a height of about 18 centimeters. The figure is expected to be launched in February 2017. Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

帥炸!11區推出鋼鐵俠武士人偶近日,日本萬代玩具公司旂下Tamashii Nations推出了Movie Realization名將係列。繼首波推出侍蜘蛛俠後,近期又將推出以《鋼鐵俠》為原型的侍鋼鐵俠MK3。畫面中可以看到,手辦的配色明亮,細節精緻。整體造型相噹酷炫。這次名將Movie Realization係列侍鋼鐵俠,將漫威經典鋼鐵俠造型同日式戰國時代的武將相結合。令人驚喜的是這款精緻的武士造型是由竹穀隆之精心設計的。畫面中,鋼鐵俠身後巨大的飛行揹包上選用的是日式花紋彫飾,火槍炮也特別設計於手腕下方,造型呈掌心發炮狀。配色也是以鋼鐵俠紅黃配色來表現,面罩前面的部分使用"金色"涂裝來制作,盔甲的胸口有圓型的迷你動力爐。此作還附有交換用手左右各2個、日本刀一式等等配件。名將Movie Realization侍鋼鐵俠參攷售價約9504日元(約人民幣618.67元),呎寸高約有18公分。該款手辦預計將於2017年2月推出。點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品相关的主题文章: