Designers to draw the concept of mobile phones can change the world again

Designers to draw the concept of mobile phones can be said to change the world’s Tencent (Ben) smart phone market has been a bit boring, is not it? The first is NOKIA, blackberry and a number of old mobile phone manufacturers also decline and disappear; Firefox, Ubuntu and other emerging mobile phone development did not do so. In the end, people are still using iPhone, Galaxy, or other similar Android phones. Interestingly, some people seem to still want to change the world in this difficult world, such as the Hasan Kaymak. Often see science and technology news friends may not be familiar with the name of the Hasan Kaymak, he is a well-known German concept of mobile phone designers, including the concept of iPhone 7, HTC phones, etc.. Now, he decided to "go". Hasan Kaymak launched the HKI Bullwork mobile phone brand, and raise funds in the congregation raised platform, his concept is to create the ultimate designer phone". First of all, HKI Bullwork has streamlined fuselage, material is aluminum and chromium alloy, looks good texture. It uses 5.1 inches 2K resolution screen, the border is very narrow, so that the phone’s display area looks bigger. HKI Bullwork hardware configuration is very powerful, will be powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 830 processor, 8GB RAM+64GB ROM, the camera includes two versions, respectively is 16 million pixels or 22 million pixels of the optical image stabilization lens, the battery capacity is staggering, 4100mAh. In addition, HKI Bullwork also has 4 colors, including Diablo, silver, blue and gold, and provide two years warranty. As for what the phone running system, no accident should be Android. But to tell the truth, HKI Bullwork does not seem to claim that it is a change the rules of the game, the new concept of mobile phones. The design of Hasan Kaymak, apparently not in the conceptual design of a powerful and unconstrained style, the other part seems to be just a simple hardware stack, and consumers have been vaccinated. HKI Bullwork currently raised on the Indiegogo, the price of $670 (about 4468 yuan), is expected to be listed in August 2017. Obviously, the price of this phone is a bit expensive, I do not know if the designer phone concept can attract all the chips, where I can only wish Hasan Kaymak good luck. Source: indiegogo相关的主题文章: