Deyang citizens home windows are bullet holes double sound insulation glass breakdown (video) truffe

Deyang citizens home windows are "bullet holes" double sound insulation glass breakdown live in Nancheng Department District Public Yang two days is on tenterhooks, get up at 19 in the morning, Mr. Yang’s wife accidentally found a small hole in the bedroom window, look carefully, it is like a bullet holes, the one family spooked. Mr. Yang’s family lives on the 10 floor, home windows are double glazed windows, so thick glass can be broken, if it is to play the man, really be unbearable to contemplate the consequences. Yang said that his home was broken glass thing in the area is not the first time, just a short time ago, downstairs neighbor’s glass was also unknown objects through the two holes. The shape and the crackdown on the view, Mr. Yang speculated that there may be someone with a gun, or ball gun shooting by simulation. Now, Mr. Yang has been reported to the police, hoping to find the others to fight the "murderer", let the glass the whole family can sleep. According to the provisions of China’s "gun", ordinary citizens in possession of standard firearms, homemade firearms and ammunition and so on, are illegal, even imitation guns are no exception. And because of the serious consequences of the use of firearms, will be severely punished according to law. Illegal armed people should take the initiative to hand over to the public security organs as soon as possible, to accept leniency. Otherwise, once found, will be investigated according to law. Deyang (micro-blog) broadcast television reporter Li Lingxiao Jing balcony editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading Jiangsu: residents of the home is seeking to stimulate the man discovered.相关的主题文章: