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Jewelry-Diamonds If you’re in the market for a pendant or necklace, there are almost infinite varieties, shapes, and sizes to choose from. Whether it’s a circle of life diamond pendant or black pearl necklace, they are a great treat or gift to give on birthdays and holidays. Here are the top five choices people are making for necklaces and pendants. – A sterling silver ID pendant that displays the recipient’s name in a readable script is popular. There are three Austrian crystals just below the name that match the birth stone color. It hangs on a neat diamond rolo chain. – Once again, Austrian crystals adorn this gorgeous Heart’s Birthstone Necklace, .plete with a dangling 10- inch chain that has interspersed spacer beads. – Angel Birthstone Charms are a top- selling item and you have a choice again of Austrian crystal birthstone colors. .plete with 14- K gold plating, or you can add your own gold necklace chain, if you wish. – The Sterling Silver Mother’s Birthstone Charm Pendant is popular and is meant, of course, for moms and grandmothers. It has an asymmetrical sterling heart, which makes a great gift for a loved one, personalized with their birthstone color. It .es .plete with a 20- inch sterling silver chain. – And finally the Birthstone Baby Bootie Charm is a wonderful necklace and is also a good choice for mothers or grandmothers who want to .memorate their children’s birth month in a unique way. A single gem sits in the opening of the shoe and the charm dangles by itself on a chain. The floating heart diamond necklace is also immensely popular and is absolutely gorgeous! It .es with a stunning chain that adjusts from 16 to 18 inches and has a very sturdy lobster- claw clasp. The pendant is 1 – inches by 1 – inches and is a very thick piece. This is not a flimsy or cheap piece and is sold at auctions regularly. It is heavily layered in Rhodium to give you many years of carefree wear. A circle of life diamond pendant is the number- one selling pendant and .es .plete with a two- carat diamond circle. It looks extremely elegant for almost any occasion. If you love to collect jewelry, it is a must- have item. The circle of diamonds consists of 25, round, cut stones totaling two carats and .es on an 18- inch chain. Another fantastic piece of jewelry is the black pearl necklace. The Tahitian, black pearl necklace is .monly seen in shades of black and gray. Although it does have a black body color, it will vary in its overtones, which are sometimes green or pink. This popular necklace goes well with fair or light colored skin as the pink overtones blend well. Women with dark skin are those who will more easily find the cream or black overtones look best. The majority of black pearls for making a black pearl necklace .e from French Polynesia. The French Polynesian government has set a minimum nacre thickness at 0.8 millimeters. Anything less than that is not allowed to be sold on the market. Nacre is the crystalline, calcium substance that is secreted by the mollusk. It is a defense against foreign article intrusion into its body, and this is the shiny part of the pearl. The Tahitian black pearl necklace doesn’t .e cheap and you’re going to end up paying a lot for this stunning piece of jewelry. Of course, only you know what you like best and even though I’ve listed the top five selling necklaces and pendants, it all boils down to your own personal choice. Whether it’s a circle of life diamond pendant or floating heart diamond necklace, jewelry will make you feel elegant and beautiful! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: