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Domestic mobile phone or welcome golden period –IT– people’s original title: domestic mobile phone or welcome golden period national day is not only the tourist season, but also when shopping spree. The National Day holiday has become the mobile phone manufacturers and businesses can not indisputable gold sales, has resorted to "field force" to attract consumers: discount bargain, mobile phone function especially photography function upgrade, bank installment, a variety of marketing strategies for consumers to buy buy buy. The domestic mobile phone also ushered in the golden period, after the Samsung Note7 battery explosion, the global mobile phone industry chain will be more likely to favor china. National Day promotions, there are to buy to send, the price value of the smart phone, do not miss passing through." During the national day, the major mobile phone digital stores showcase before Wai Man, mobile phone salesman crying hard, many brands also launched promotions to attract customers. A female student is OPPO counter selection of mobile phone said recently seen the hit series "smiled very little", the inside of the mobile phone is very nice, the classmate also recommended to take advantage of the National Day promotions to see. HUAWEI mobile phone booth also gathered a lot of customers, a staff member said that in the past few days asked HUAWEI P9 a lot of consumers, because the mobile phone Leica camera, suitable for travel pictures, glory series are also sought after by many young people. The most attractive is the mobile phone camera experience. According to the report shows that one of the major drivers of smart phones is still an increasingly improved camera function. All this can be verified in the National Day WeChat circle of friends global photography contest. Samsung Note7 battery explosion has given the opportunity to make a domestic mobile phone." In the mobile phone outlets, a staff member told reporters, although apple is still the most popular models, the new iPhone7 is selling the explosion, but the domestic mobile phone with its high price is also favored by consumers, and some financial institutions are willing to give credit to the domestic mobile phone, consumers can hire purchase. In the past these deals are limited to apple and other high-end mobile phones. The bank installment as a marketing model innovation through selling, credit guarantee, can greatly reduce the user purchase threshold to boost sales. Market research firm IDC released data show, HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo sales for the two consecutive quarter in the domestic market before three, and in the global market is located in the top five. The third party’s first mobile phone industry research institute also believes that Samsung Note7 battery explosion will likely lead to the integration of Samsung mobile phone industry chain vertical integration system. Because the future of Samsung mobile phone orders shrink, the industry chain based on the needs of their own performance operations, may be fully open to the Chinese mobile phone brands, including the shortage of AMOLED resources. (commissioning editor Zhao Yue and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: