Dongfeng Honda Rui Rui Chengdu auto show domestic debut in October (video)

Dongfeng Honda Chengdu auto show in October of the first domestic Jing Rui listing date before we obtained from the relevant channels that Dongfeng Honda new Gienia hatchback will be named Jing rui. Jing Rui is a new hatchback version of the car, the official release of the Chengdu auto show in 2016, then will be listed in October 18th. Small Y Dongfeng Honda civic 1.5T color value from the peak strength of double exposure products posters, we can see that the competition will be equipped with a Swiss blind spot monitoring system, electric sunroof, keyless entry, shark fin antenna, front and rear parking radar. Jing Rui front design reference design CONCEPT B concept car, the front grille is exaggerated, headlight shape sharp on both sides of the group. In the end, the car was used throughout the taillight design style, and is equipped with a rear spoiler is dynamic. Size, length and breadth of new cars were 45171705 1477mm, wheelbase 2600mm, compared to Gerui in the car length increased 22mm. In the power system, the Swiss race is equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, the engine maximum power of 131 horsepower. In the transmission system, the car is expected to match the 5 speed manual or CVT gearbox.相关的主题文章: