Don’t pick the roadside ginkgo! Too much will poison you heavy metal-pullip

Don’t pick the ginkgo beside the road! You will be poisoned too many heavy metals also called ginkgo ginkgo, ginkgo has been autumn folk customs. To fruit mature season, with the Zhenjiang public rebellion, reflecting the people taking advantage of the holiday, on the roadside trees as wanton ginkgo tree, then regardless of traffic safety, down to pick up these ginkgo tree ginkgo fruit, "like the beat in their own home in the garden, picking up". The side of the road in the vicinity of Zhenjiang high heavy metal content of Ginkgo biloba in Dantu Valley Yangzhong Road 312 State Road intersection to see the scene of a rebellion. At that time, a middle-aged man with a head tie a hook pole, constantly changing posture beat roadside ginkgo tree. With the dragging of the bamboo poles, leaves and ginkgo fruits are falling. Under the tree there is another woman, quickly picking up the fallen ginkgo fruit. The woman holding a plastic bag, a small bag of ginkgo fruit has. As the traffic artery tree ginkgo tree, not only will be regularly spraying pesticides, but also by a passing car exhaust pollution, heavy metal content should not be low. Therefore, these ginkgo trees on the ginkgo fruit should not be eaten. And there are vehicles passing from time to time, easy to cause traffic accidents. Ginkgo peel prone to sensitive, stripping with gloves, "every year in September and October, we have to accept a lot of allergic ginkgo citizens."." Yang Fanfang, a department of dermatology in a hospital of Wuhan, revealed that fresh ginkgo rind contains a large amount of ginkgolic acids and has strong sensitization. Peel peel, organic acid will invade the skin, causing skin irritation, itching, rash, cause irritant dermatitis and allergic dermatitis, even cause anaphylactic shock. Yang Fanfang warned, never touch the hand with the ginkgo peel, scratching the rest of the body. Once allergic, immediately rinse with cold water, rushed to the hospital as soon as possible. She suggested that citizens should wear disposable gloves when picking and peeling white skins. Ginkgo fruit is toxic medicine need to be cautious in Wuhan Chinese medicine hospital pharmacy base director Zhang Yisheng said that in the ginkgo fruit Yi lung cure cough does have some effect, but it is as a drug, medicine is very exquisite, need to go through multi-channel program processing and extracting the. But ginkgo fruit has certain toxicity, long-term consumption may cause toxic reaction, by boiling does not completely remove the toxicity, a consumption of no more than 10, and remove the core of ginkgo. Sweep away, pay attention to Zhejiang health, understand more health information, free to receive more health benefits!

路边的银杏不要采!重金属太多会毒倒你银杏果又叫白果,民间一直都有秋食白果的风俗。又到银杏果成熟的季节,有镇江热心市民报料,反映有人趁着假期,肆意敲打路边作为行道树的银杏树,然后不顾交通安全,捡拾这些银杏树上掉下来的银杏果,“就好像在自己家花园内敲打捡拾一样”。公路边银杏重金属含量高在镇江丹徒谷阳中大道312国道路口附近看到了报料的一幕。当时,一中年男子正在用一根一头绑有铁钩的竹竿,不停变换姿势敲打路边的银杏树。随着竹竿的拖曳,不断有树叶和银杏果掉落。树下则另有一女子,快速捡拾掉落下的银杏果。该女子手上提着的塑料袋,已装有小半袋银杏果。作为交通要道边行道树的银杏树,不仅会被定期喷洒农药,还受过往汽车大量尾气的污染,重金属含量应该不会低。故此,这些银杏树上所结的银杏果不宜食用。而且路边不时有车辆经过,易引发交通事故。银杏果皮易致敏,剥采带手套“每年九十月份,都要接诊不少白果过敏的市民。”武汉市一医院皮肤科杨凡方透露,新鲜白果外皮中含有大量的银杏酸,有很强的致敏性。剥果皮时,有机酸会入侵皮肤,导致皮肤红肿、瘙痒、起皮疹,引起刺激性皮炎和过敏性皮炎,甚至引起过敏性休克。杨凡方提醒,千万不要用触碰了白果皮的手,挠身体其他地方。一旦出现过敏,马上用冷水冲洗,尽快赶到医院就诊。她建议,市民在采摘和剥白果皮时,最好戴上一次性手套。银杏果实有毒性,入药需谨慎武汉中医院药学基地主任张义生说,银杏果在益肺气治咳喘方面确实有一定功效,但是它作为药物,入药十分讲究,需要经过多道程序加工提取而成的。而且银杏果有一定毒性,长期食用可能会引起中毒反应,用水煮过后也并不能完全去除毒性,一次食用不要超过10颗,并去掉白果芯。 扫一扫,关注大浙健康,了解更多健康资讯免费领取更多健康福利!相关的主题文章: