Double 11 the first batch of express has reached Nanning 14 to 16 days, ushered in the peak courier yuanmu

"Double 11" first express in Nanning has reached 14 to 16, ushered in the peak express "double 11" express the fastest day has reached November 11th at 3 pm, a car coming from Guangzhou SF EXPRESS truck arrived at the Nanning jade hole in transition, this is the same day at the order, the first arrival in order to "double 11" the package. About an hour later, more than 2000 parcels were sent to the SF outlets in Nanning, and the couriers were delivered on the same day. The total operating area of SF EXPRESS Nanning transit is more than 1700 square meters, which is mainly responsible for transporting parcels in Nanning. At 6 p.m., more than 70 employees were methodically sorting parcels around the assembly line. "Today, the total inbound volume is not much, about 83 thousand pieces, an increase of about 10% than usual." SF EXPRESS Nanning transit director Li Yongqian said, SF has reserved 100~200 employees, will increase the manpower at any time according to the package situation. Compared with previous years, this year, "double 11" just encounter the weekend, taking into account some sellers will be slightly delayed delivery, Li Yongqian judgment, 14 Monday should be single peak period, is expected in 14 to 16 days, Nanning transit daily processing capacity will reach 15~16 million. Tact express Guangxi branch Nanning operation center of the first batch of "double 11" package also on the same day at 3 p.m. Xu Dida, the operating center to undertake almost all of Guangxi Yuantong package transit business. This time last year, just Taogang beam sorter work soon, "" double 11 "is really very busy, we usually one hour about sorting 1000 parcels," double 11 "at least to sorting 1500". Real time detection system has been trial run, it is understood that at present, Nanning has 172 companies that hold express licenses. On the eve of "double 11" this year, Nanning postal administration began to test and run a new express real-time traffic detection system. The staff of the market supervision department of the Municipal Bureau of mail said that the system can monitor the total amount of the collection, the total amount of delivery and the total data of the surface of the express enterprise at any time, and calculate the processing speed per hour or even per second. In November 11th, the processing speed was the highest in the daytime, reaching 32 pieces per second, and the peak processing capacity was 110 thousand pieces per hour. At present, this system is still in trial operation and can monitor the data of 11 city express brands. Normally, the city’s processing capacity is about 1 million 200 thousand to 1 million 500 thousand pieces per day, at least two to three times during the "double 11" period, which means that in the coming rush hour, about 80 parcels should be handled per second, and the processing capacity is nearly 300 thousand pieces per hour.

“双11”首批快递已达南宁 14至16日迎来快递高峰期   “双11”快递最快当日已达   11月11日下午3时许,一辆从广州驶来的顺丰速运货车抵达位于玉洞的南宁中转场,这也是当天凌晨下单,首批到达中转场的“双11”包裹。大约一小时后,2000多件包裹发至南宁市各顺丰网点,并交由快递员于当日分送完毕。   顺丰速运南宁中转场的总操作面积1700多平方米,主要负责转运南宁市内的包裹。下午6点,70多名员工正在流水线旁有条不紊地分拣包裹。“今天总的进港量还不是很多,大约8.3万件,比平时增加了10%左右。” 顺丰速运南宁中转场主管李永钱表示,顺丰已经储备了100~200名员工,将随时根据包裹情况增加人力。   与往年相比,今年“双11”正好遇到周末,考虑到一些卖家会稍微延迟发货,李永钱判断,14日周一应该是接单高峰期,预计在14至16日期间,南宁中转场的日处理量将达到15~16万件。   圆通速递广西分公司南宁运转中心的第一批“双11”包裹同样在当天下午3时许抵达,该运转中心承担了几乎全广西的圆通包裹中转业务。去年的这个时候,分拣员梁桃刚刚上岗工作不久,“‘双11’真的很忙,平时我们一小时大概分拣1000件包裹,‘双11’每人至少要分拣1500件”。   实时检测系统已经试运行   据了解,目前南宁市共有172家持有快递许可证的企业。今年“双11”前夕,南宁市邮政管理局开始试运行全新的快件实时业务量检测系统。   市邮管局市场监管科工作人员介绍说,这套系统可以随时监测快递企业的揽收总量、投递总量和面单总量数据,并可测算出每小时甚至每秒的处理速度。其中11月11日白天处理速度最高达到每秒32件,每小时高峰处理量为11万件。   目前这套系统还在试运行,可监测11个市内快递品牌的数据。平时全市一天的处理量大概在120万到150万件左右,“双11”期间至少翻两到三倍,这也意味着在即将到来的高峰期,每秒要处理约80件包裹,每小时处理量将近30万件。相关的主题文章: