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Dynamic batch solution is expected to be completed in October – Beijing historical environment and restoration of small restaurants, grocery stores, beauty salon, laundry shop, small supermarket…… Accompanied by the early development of dynamic batch, the eastern side of about 200 meters west of Xicheng District South Road, become a "wall open hole", the focus of illegal buildings. Yesterday morning, the Exhibition Road Subdistrict Office joint territorial management, public security, industry and commerce, food and medicine and other departments to start moving around the surrounding environmental remediation projects. With the end of "batch" ease, is expected to be completed in October the history of environmental restoration. JINGWAH Times reporter Zhang Ran correspondent Liu Chen live 86 illegal operators by rectification yesterday, reporters on the scene saw the street merchant residential buildings will be the original window or balcony to expand into facade engaged in various types of business behavior. Not only that, the urban management department responsible person said: these settings in the advertising plaque without the approval of relevant departments, the production of materials is also very simple, the formation of Jiuzhibuyu city "psoriasis", affect the image of the capital city. Yesterday morning, dressed in uniforms of the various law enforcement officers lined up, pull up the cordon, the packet began focus on removal of outdoor advertising plaque. It is understood that the concentrated rectification area east of North Lishi Road, West to the Exhibition Road, 900 meters long, which started governance "open hole wall" operation chaos of battle. The exhibition street urban management team responsible person, the whole street renovation project will be divided into two steps, first remove the 69 pieces of outdoor advertising plaque 86 shops outside the West Road, then the demolition of buildings, plugging "wall burrow" businesses, restore the road on both sides of the green. Convenience of the transformation of the market to serve the surrounding residents to avoid environmental remediation to bring inconvenience to the lives of the surrounding residents, the streets were arranged accordingly. For example, at the intersection of Chegongzhuang North Road and Elm Hall alley, there is a business for more than a decade of Elm Hall Food market. Elm Museum market was established in 2004, with a total area of about 580 square meters, covering a total of 35 households operating the owners of the 42 stalls. When it comes to the old market, nearby residents said: "to say that the door has a vegetable market is indeed very convenient, but because of the food market, the surrounding unlicensed, Jeeves repeatedly checked more than get near the streets dirty and messy." To this end, the market last week officially closed upgrades for more than two months, is expected to the entire project will be completed at the end of November. Now the surrounding orderly. The transformation period, street community service center dedicated to contact the supplier, daily from 7 am to 12 noon, the residents in the West Elm Hall in the east side of building 4, found 2 mobile food car, buy variety, quality and cheap fresh vegetables. The reporter learned from the Exhibition Street, after upgrading, the market once Elm Hall will become the Exhibition Road, Elm Hall people living service center, 487.5 square meters of new underground business area, plus the past on the area of 580 square meters, the overall operating area can reach more than 1000 square meters. Vegetables, fruits, grain and oil, fresh food will be transferred to the ground floor of the sale, the ground area is the main introduction of community integrated services, such as 24 hours"相关的主题文章: