Earthquake Predicitons And Astrology

Astrology Earthquake predictions are a hot topic right now as revealed by professional psychics. Global earth changes are happening on a grand scale. You have many quakes of increased magnitude and intensity all around the world causing havoc and mayhem. It is a sad state of affairs. This is a major global earth change when the land beneath your feet shifts. The Mayan calendar talks about the 2012 long count and the end time. Scientists talk about global warming. If you want to know how a professional psychic joins both points of view on earthquake prediction read on. Behind every natural quake disaster there is a metaphysical explanation. It is true the human cost is immense during an earthquake with all of the associated pain and suffering. Quakes are never expected and never welcome. Yet we modern people, as the Mayan Astrology Calender points out, are at the end of the major long count cycle and with it comes the challenge of change. Change also brings new opportunities as future prediction often points out. I had a vision of some major coastal areas being flooded. These are modern cities is a developed country and the earthquake was unexpected. Although the challenges are many in the coming months it will test and grow many of us who are exposed to this natural earth danger. We will have to draw upon our soul power, that is our spiritual strength more than ever, and learn new skills of survival so we can prosper. If we learn to work together as a community we have a chance to survive in the long run. People power rules in the end but we must all get there safely first. A psychic reading on world earthquake predictions gives us insight into the coming earth changes upon us in the present. Begin to listen and to tune into your intuition and follow your inner voice. Begin to live a more spiritual life and this will make you more in tune with the earth and its energy. Once you become in tune you will be more sensitive to changes and cycles. Grow your own food, or store food away, and this in our day and age is a good habit to get into. The more practical skills your learn the better and more prosperous the future becomes. A psychic reading is a way to gain validation on your life experience. There are many changes on a global level right now and psychics help you tune into this new energy. It is an energy of hope, renewal, and of positive opportunity. About the Author: By: Acharya Dinesh Sharma – When the two planets come together on the day of Monday, December 8th there is set to be a trend towards telling the truth and nothing else which would last all week. With the help of this week you could share everything in your family which you did not earlier. By: RosieAguirre – Vytorin is a wonderful drug to lower your bad cholesterol, increase your good cholesterol, and along the process, makes your heart pump blood without any pressure. 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