Engineer forged documents on the court claims losses 5000 yuan spyair

The engineer forged claims court papers would lose 5000 yuan – Beijing forged documents to claim this court leaving engineers lost back losses to 5000 yuan Chongqing evening news to obtain more economic compensation, overtime wages, engineer Lee forged by the company except for the fact that bend over backwards to open court, ask for compensation, overtime 60 thousand yuan. Recently, the Beibei District Court on the evidence of the parties involved in civil litigation Lee, a fine of 5000 yuan. September 2012, the plaintiff entered the defendant Lee, a company in Chongqing, the technical department as an engineer. May 5, 2015, Lee proposed to resign as a decoration house, the company approved its application on the same day. June 17, 2015, Lee was dismissed on the grounds, to the Beibei district court, requiring the defendant to pay the lifting of labor relations economic compensation, overtime, unemployment insurance losses and wages of more than 6 yuan. The case has been two trial. In the trial, the court cited Lee shows from the application, the notice of expulsion, the transfer list, employee turnover handover procedures table, labor contract, salary schedules and other documents to prove that the company was removed, a monthly salary of 8000 yuan, arranged by the company to work overtime. By the forensic center of Southwest University of Political Science and Law identification, notice of expulsion and expulsion for forgery. In addition, Lee also secretly and fill out the transfer list, employee turnover table dated handover procedures to modify its behavior, cause the lawsuit is extended from June 2015 to June 2016 has not yet concluded, should seriously affect the efficiency of civil litigation, but also to the case of the admissibility of evidence and identify the cause unnecessary difficulties. The court decided to ensure the smooth conduct of civil proceedings, the plaintiff fined 5000 yuan lee. Lee accepted the court punishment decision, has paid a fine. The judge said that the provisions of the civil procedure law, forging or destroying important evidence, hinder the people’s court, the court may impose a fine on or detention; constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. It is helpful for the establishment of the social credit system to identify the false statements of the parties as a hindrance to civil proceedings. Chongqing evening news reporter correspondent Liu Jinli Huang Fei,相关的主题文章: