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Entertainment comic master: Dou Jingtong hand-painted comic book restore God Fu Yuanhui – new network on the social platform drying out of their own hand-painted in the hands of the, Fu Yuanhui. The entertainment had these comic master Fu Yuanhui in the Rio Olympic crazy circle of powder, Dou Jingtong was one of her magic, comic the social platform drying out of a painted Fu Yuanhui "field force". In the cartoon the big eyes, open mouth with amazement exaggerated expressions perfect God to restore the Fu Yuanhui resorted to "Hong Huangzhi" magic expression package style, let netizens praised the "fans of the similar". This reporter has learned that, in addition to Dou Jingtong, the entertainment industry is actually hiding a lot of comic master. Gigi Leung is not only beautiful, artistic talent in the entertainment industry has long been a well-known thing. Gigi Leung graduated from the Department of design in jewelry design, costume design, drawing everything handy. Paintings and photographic works are also on display in the Hongkong area, and she has also illustrated the works of Zhang Xiaoxian. Gigi Leung’s painting style of many kind of love, because a few meters picture style are brilliant colors and beautiful style of fairy tales, the sun. Peter Ho also because of the comic, and was admitted to the fine arts, love cartoons Peter Ho said, when boring, painting is the best way for him to pass the time, the rest of the gap, he will pick up the two strokes, cartoon is his most rapid refreshing way. Peter Ho also love painting on the plane, there is a very popular fan favorite comic version of "Concubine" is completed on the plane. Ku Kui Kei’s comic level in the circle of Peter, he has used the "singing career, cartoon is a lifelong interest" to define their perseverance. It is rumoured that shooting "return zhugege 3" when he painted their cartoon picture in each actor’s chair. It is worth mentioning that Ku Kui Kei fans will be the emblem of all of his own design painting and wedding background board last year Ku Kui Kei’s sketch is from his own pen. In 2003, Ku Kui Kei created a cartoon image called Kubi, are sought after because other people first round circle of the brain, then about Kubi around Pumianerlai demand, advertising, and even set up a Ku Kui Kei comic foundation". From the three year 2005-2008 published "The Story Of Kubi" series of comics, Ku Kui Kei began to move closer to the role of occupation cartoonist ". Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter Wu Pianpian相关的主题文章: