ESPN name Howard wanted to join the hawk or return to homeland-diying

ESPN note Howard exposure to join Eagle or Howard wants to return to the hometown of Warcraft joining the Hawks sina sports news Beijing time on February 16th, according to ESPN famous reporter Chris Broussard broke the news that the recent trade rumors already in Rockets center Dwight Howard hopes to go to the Atlanta hawks. Since joining the Rockets in the summer of 2013, Howard has been regarded as the cornerstone of the team. But in the past two seasons, Howard has been plagued by injuries. This season, his combination with Harden doesn’t seem to be compatible, and Howard has fewer balls. The result is that the Rockets are disappointing. According to YAHOO sports wal God first broke the news that the Rockets have begun to deal with Howard. Today, ESPN reporter Brussaard has revealed that Howard himself is more interested in joining the hawks. As far as I know, he (Howard) wants to go to Atlanta." Brussaard said, "even last year, his team also said to the Hawks:" Hey, he (Howard) may not work in Houston. What do you think? He’s from Atlanta. He needs some love." As Brussaard said, the Hawks are Howard’s hometown team. In the summer of 2013, they joined in the battle for Warcraft, but unfortunately they didn’t succeed. It’s not clear whether the rockets and hawks can reach a deal with Howard. If it’s done, Eyre Hough is supposed to be involved in the deal. (Rosen)

ESPN名记曝霍华德想加盟老鹰 魔兽或重归故里 霍华德希望加盟老鹰   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月16日,据ESPN著名记者克里斯-布鲁萨德爆料称,近期已经陷入交易传闻的火箭队中锋德怀特-霍华德希望去亚特兰大老鹰队。   自从2013年夏天加盟火箭队以来,霍华德就被视为球队的基石。但是过去两个赛季,霍华德饱受伤病困扰。本赛季,他和哈登的组合看起来并不兼容,而且霍华德的球权越来越少。结果就是,火箭队的表现令人大失所望。   据雅虎体育的沃神率先爆料称,火箭队已经开始着手交易霍华德。今天,ESPN记者布鲁萨德则透露霍华德本人更希望加盟老鹰队。   “据我所知,他(霍华德)想去亚特兰大。”布鲁萨德说道,“即便是去年,他的团队也和老鹰队说过:‘嘿,他(霍华德)在休斯顿可能无法奏效。你们怎么认为?’他来自亚特兰大,他需要一些爱。”   正如布鲁萨德所言,老鹰队是霍华德的家乡球队。2013年夏天,他们也曾加入过魔兽争夺战,可惜没有成功。   目前并不清楚火箭与老鹰是否能达成关于霍华德的交易。如果达成的话,艾尔-霍福德应该会被加入这笔交易。   (罗森)相关的主题文章: