Fan Bingbing long fat, wearing black clothes covering the belly fat! (video)

Fan Bingbing long fat, wearing black clothes covering the belly fat! Fan Bingbing this two days to rub the headlines, wearing pajamas and PW airport boarded the hot search list, but Fan Bingbing is wearing fashionable and also her belly fat cover not ah! Fan Xiaopang is also the weight loss! Fan Bingbing, wearing a black sweater loose Chiffon Chiffon wide leg pants, black dress up at the airport, think this will be very handsome very thin, but see how small are the belly fat, arm thick! There is a pair of thick shoes, really ugly! Weight has always been the three digit Fan Bingbing, dressed for collocation, has begun to work harder. Black thought it was thin, in fact, this time, again fat Fan Bingbing, is really God won’t save you. Black satin fabric, as you can see the sturdy arm, bucket waist and mast, really is not easy for me to lose weight. The occasional love, wear white color, deep V collar, a charming business line, Fan Bingbing is very symmetrical, the chest is a. Fan Bingbing at the airport on the hot search of this set of pajamas to wear is still very handsome, the focus is to be able to wear such a beautiful green fashion is also no one, but the ride of this pair of thick soles of the shoes is really a little bit not pretty! Wear long sleeved lace dress, there is a waist design, but the small package can not see where the waist ah, really a fat ruined all ah! Two dimensional Liu Yifei Xian Qi PK Fan Ye count Virgo Bing Bing but also are obsessive when wearing beautiful, such as wearing the blue shirt sleeve collocation, black pants, covered the thick arm very pretty, half of the rolling ball head is also a special age. Is a slim plump woman wearing the shirt is white, but also gives the feeling of expansion, Fan Bingbing wore a white shirt with a white skirt, half covered big thick legs, but the upper part of the white shirt is very relaxed feeling a little chubby! Fan Bingbing before going to attend the wedding of Ruby Lin, the airport wearing a dark green jacket to wear a hole in the T-shirt, a pair of black tight pants, was originally thin, but only to blame the legs too thick Bing Bing! Bing Bing generally wear more relaxed, but such a loose printed T-shirt, with loose jeans, the lower body will not feel fat, but the upper body is relatively mellow some!相关的主题文章: