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Fan Bingbing: play ugly is the price is more than fair harvest – China network, I am not Pan Jinlian, Chengdu roadshow, Fan Bingbing appeared. Fan Bingbing’s first film, mobile phone is to cooperate with Feng Xiaogang, did not expect to cooperate again after a lapse of 13 years. If the film is the new director of the Feng Xiaogang peak, for Fan Bingbing, this is also a breakthrough in her film work. In the dinner break, Fan Bingbing accepted an interview with the West China Metropolis Daily reporter, responded to the original horn storm, also talked about their feelings. And she plays "Li Xuelian" often said he often boarded the injustice, the topic list "Fan Bingbing said his injustice:" the price of it, but the mentality should be good, harvest more than fair." WCC: This is with director Xiaogang again after 13 years of cooperation, and the role of the film challenges, what is the intention to do? Fan Bingbing: I was at the time that the story of Liu Zhenyun’s teacher is very good, very comprehensive, and this is in the history of Chinese film, the story has never been realized, nor the story has been filmed. Two is my first movie "mobile phone" is with the cooperation between director Xiaogang, missed some opportunities, including "private custom" and so on, so last year I was pushed another play, to do it. WCC: in this movie before the shooting, a Huanjiao storm event? Fan Bingbing: I’m not the first person, I also stepped in, shooting 10 days ago director Xiaogang to find me, give me read the script. I know the situation is that some of the script is not very good to see the play, afraid of the role played not insurance, can not give yourself points. Some try makeup, shoot out is not too good looking, afraid of their old. So at that time to find me, I also said that you only have 10 days to me, how can I do? I really got into the group. WCC: look not good-looking, for you is the pressure? Fan Bingbing: in fact, I really do not care about the drama in the form, or ugly is not ugly. Of course, life will be concerned about the girl. But the play will not, anyway, good looking for 20 years. And when I was on the scene, in the market, no one really knew me. I really think that the next play will be able to change the facial features, such as I was double fold, the play becomes a single eyelid. The nose is relatively high, a little wider by make-up. WCC: this point, some people think that the 28 actors play some play? Fan Bingbing: haha, really?! I think so, if the play is not to find so many top actor can play, this play is boring. Because honestly, I think it’s a long time. And Li Xuelian, she’s not a comedian, a tragic figure. Without these actors, it would be boring, so they were perfect. Huaxi Dushi Bao: good-looking actress, as if in the film to play ugly, fat to prove their acting, do not feel unfair? Fan Bingbing: I think this is the price, heaven is to see your efforts. This is my own experience, but the harvest is more than fair, the most important thing is to put a good mentality, or else相关的主题文章: