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Fascy help you create Valentine’s day, the most sweet makeup – Sohu BNT news, lovers full of pink and sweet days – Valentine’s Day is coming. Like choosing Valentine’s Day gifts, it saves a lot of people to prepare for Valentine’s saving. Many people worry about what to wear and what to wear. Cartoon image of cosmetics brand Fascy still upset you for Valentine’s day the most sweet makeup scheme, from makeup to make-up, allows you to easily grasp. Through the tender skin as smooth?? like skin manifestation who all want to have. First of all to build water embellish muscle bottom, then use concealer to cover the black eye and unsightly blemish spots. When you apply concealer, take a little bit of it, and then spread it with your ring finger. In order to create bright white skin, you should choose a liquid or BB cream which is lighter than the original color. Want to make makeup more moist and it can be BB cream and moisturizing cream with a ratio of 1:1 after mixing evenly on the face a little bit. [Editor ‘s Pick]Fascy bubble Tina Concealer BB cream, this product combines the function of BB cream and concealer, Concealer natural, strong adhesion, waterproof effect can keep makeup lasting without makeup. Design with mini mirror allows you to date convenient makeup. Charming eyes, charming and deep eyes can make him unable to move away from you on the date. Choose eye shadow that is darker than your skin color on your eyelid, and then use chocolate in your eyelid. Inner liner can choose brown eyeliner, outer liner can choose cocoa eyeliner, thin description. Triangle and eye tail choose Mocha color eyeliner, use eyeliner to draw soft lines. [Editor ‘s Pick] Fascy Power Liner Proof Gel Pencil Power Proof Gel Liner Pencil can create a lasting eye liner, and do not have to worry about dating for a long time. Eyeliner is the brush head, can help complete the perfect eye makeup, black, brown, Mocha, cocoa can choose. Although all the makeup? Charming lips are not the lips, but the lips of Valentine’s Day is more important. Perfect lips will inadvertently let you love and romantic Valentine’s day kiss, leaving the beautiful moments. In the lips before you apply lipstick, lip skin removal. Then with a puff in smear on the lips of a little foundation, improve the lip hair color. First along the lip line, apply lipstick and Lip Glaze from lips outwards daub. [Editor ‘s Pick] Fascy Twinkle Mojito Tint Gloss, which is a product with both long lasting lip gloss and Lip Glaze high moisturizing feeling, can make lips lasting gorgeous and moist. Li Yu, Wang Rongwen, Fascy, BNT news DB

Fascy帮你打造情人节最甜美妆-搜狐      bnt新闻讯 恋人充满粉红甜蜜的日子――情人节就要到了。   和挑选情人节礼物一样,为情人节约会做准备也让很多人苦恼。很多人都为到底要穿什么衣服化什么妆而发愁。   卡通形象化妆品品牌Fascy为还在苦恼的你准备了情人节最甜美妆打造方案,从底妆到彩妆,让你轻松掌握。   ?嫩透美肌      柔滑如麻?般的肌肤表现力谁都想拥有。首先要打造出水润的肌底,然后用遮瑕膏盖住黑眼圈和碍眼的瑕疵斑点。涂抹遮瑕膏时,要沾取一点点,然后用无名指分散涂抹。   为了打造亮白肤色,要选择比原本肤色亮一个色号的粉底液或者BB霜。想让底妆更水润的话,可以将BB霜和补水面霜以1:1比例混合后一点点均匀涂于脸上。   [Editor’s Pick]Fascy泡泡蒂娜遮瑕BB霜   这款产品集合了BB霜和遮瑕膏的功能,遮瑕自然,贴合力强,防水效果可以保持妆容持久不脱妆。带有迷你镜子的设计可以让你在约会时方便补妆。   ?魅力双眸      魅力深邃的双眸能让他在约会时实现无法从你身上移开。选择比肤色略深的眼影在眼皮上打底,然后用巧克力色在双眼皮处上如晕染效果。   内眼线间可选择棕色眼线笔,外眼线可选择可可色的眼线笔细细的描绘。三角区和眼尾选择摩卡色的眼线膏,用眼线笔画出柔和的线条。   [Editor’s Pick] Fascy Power Proof Gel Pencil Liner   Power Proof Gel Pencil Liner可以打造出持久眼线,长时间约会也无需担心。眼线笔后端有刷头,可帮助完成完美眼妆,有黑色、棕色、摩卡、可可色可以选择。   ?诱人双唇      虽然所有的彩妆都少不了唇妆,但情人节的唇妆更为重要。完美的唇妆会在不经意间让你和爱人浪漫一吻,留下情人节美好瞬间。   在化唇妆前,要先涂抹唇膏,去除唇部角质。然后用粉扑在嘴唇上涂抹一点粉底,提高唇妆的发色度。先沿着唇线涂抹口红,然后用唇釉从嘴唇中间向外涂抹。   [Editor’s Pick] Fascy Twinkle Mojito Tint Gloss   这是一款兼具唇彩长久发色力和唇釉高润泽感的产品,可让双唇持久艳丽润泽。李瑜? 王容 文 Fascy,bnt新闻DB 相关的主题文章: