Feng Xiaogang in addition to fire crew creative are migrant workers in Beijing ssdao

Feng Xiaogang: the fire crew in addition to creative are a forum of migrant workers – Beijing Yan in the recent article, Feng Xiaogang fired again, so China film talent shortage, "in addition to the rest of the crew chief, were migrant workers." Feng Xiaogang, for example, he let props get a dinner scene, "but he has never seen that kind of formal dinner is what kind of, how do you let him? A 100 man crew, trained about five or six, even the actor, only 10% of the members are professional technical education. And 90% of the staff are not trained." Feng Xiaogang said, the urgent need to Chinese film school in the Lan Xiang School: "we need a lot of lighting engineers and technical personnel of these recording assistant." [approval] Luo: Chinese film and television industry, I am afraid that this country is the lowest threshold industry. Many of the crew of the grassroots staff do not read the script, the work site does not put their minds on the work, spare time is to play the phone, chat WeChat. What they all have in common is that they generally do not receive higher education. In this group, field service can do beauty, light can do props, because in their eyes, these are not technical, but the strength to live. Li Ailan: Feng Xiaogang told an unpleasant truth. Hollywood in the regular crew, the props are learned stage art, the light is learned and photography took the brush, clothing is further back from Paris, he even remember is a graduate of the Department of director. They represent qualified teams under the standards of industrialization. The current situation in the country is that the crew of the lights are from a village or county collective out, fellow villagers, the elderly with new. A project from the top level of a package in the end, with the nature of the contractor is as like as two peas. [against] Evenc Yiwenxi: Feng Xiaogang said that not only degrade industry, also for migrant workers discrimination. Feng Xiaogang may forget, in the ecological chain of contempt, he also once in the end of year, chase after the children of Wang Shuo et al compound ass, was run on the Beijing leaf was portrayed as a taunt, "Feng pants". The humiliation will not achieve success and win recognition with his ashes to ashes, the victim eventually became the perpetrators of such discrimination behind, probably has a little contact with the level of education, after all, he did not also put a high school diploma. Beijing: Fuji China movie many practitioners still original "with the masters", by the self-taught. Feng Xiaogang wanted to film school in the Lan Xiang school, but do technical training is to spend money, time and energy, a thankless task. Who will do? Hot money into the film and television to invest money on the project, who has the mood to play the foundation? Feng Dao also don’t complain, want to change this situation, wouldn’t spend their own money to the school. [comments] these years into many small crew, every time I feel eye-opening. After all, a few areas, to see such a crowd, dragons and fishes jumbled together differentiation serious. In this small space, you can see hundreds of millions of assets artist, director, also can see about the dialect, Baba waiting crew settled wages sent home colors?相关的主题文章: